Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo is OVER for 2009!

NaNo Day 30
Lisa - 51,433 (Goal 50K - WINNER!)

David - 30,000 (Goal 9K - WINNER!)

Emily - 7001 (Goal 7K - WINNER!)

James - 4075 (Goal 4K - WINNER!)

Suzy - 2129 (Goal 2K - WINNER!)

NaNoWriMo ends tonight and all five of us have met our goals!!

I am so proud of my kids!

We will set the stories aside for now (at least that's my plan) and edit them beginning in January. NaNo has partnered with CreateSpace to provide each NaNo winner a free proof copy. (This benefit was hugely motivating to several of my kids!)


Denise Bryant said...

Awesome job everyone!

Wee Pip said...

Great job, all of you! I'm impressed! My kids did great week 1 but then really lost steam. Al wrote 750-something words & Zo wrote 300-ish words (I still need to finish typing hers up to get the final count). Since it's the kids' 1st year, I think it went pretty's more words than have ever been written before!