Monday, September 18, 2006


An instant message conversation with a friend, based upon the fact that I mentioned on my other blog that I am educating my children at home, instead of the default word "homeschooling" them. (Oh, by the way, I do not often punctuate or capitalize in instant message, even though I know how to do so perfectly well. -grin-)

LisaQuing: i just got tired of saying homeschool and "doing school"
LisaQuing: since i am trying NOT to do "school"
Friend: we're not a school
Friend: we're a family
LisaQuing: i am going to try to remember to say "we home educate our children" or "we teach our children at home"
LisaQuing: instead of we homeschool
LisaQuing: not sure if i can move to "we have our children at home with us"
LisaQuing: our children learn at home? hmmmm
Friend: ever since the little girl on the corner said my kids aren't in 'real school' I've been thinking about what that means to me lol
Friend: just at home?
Friend: -g-
Friend: not at the zoo?
Friend: museum?
Friend: park?
Friend: aquarium?
Friend: ROFL
LisaQuing: right, true
LisaQuing: our children learn everywhere except in school
LisaQuing: lol
Friend: lol
Friend: I like that!
LisaQuing: Homeschooled kids - learning everywhere
Friend: except school

My new motto - Learning everywhere except school!

I am going to stop calling the kids down for "school" and start calling them down for "learning". Let's see if I can make this switch.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today was the second day of our fall homeschool co-op session. We meet twice a month. I thought I'd post our schedules.

Lego Robotics, Physical Education, Digging into Ancient Egypt, Dynamic Discoveries (a research/report class), Basic Life Support (CPR)


Dynamic Discoveries, Laura Ingalls Wilder: Her Early Years, Choir, Recorder, Physical Education


Open Gym, What's Under My Skin?, PE, Chess, Let's Draw


Five Senses, Learning With Crafts, Move it - Be It! (A creative movement class), Open Gym, I've Got Rhythm

They love all their classes! We have worked very hard to make this semester successful. (I am the coordinator of the co-op) and I am so pleased at the results!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Our First Day

Our first day of school was this past Wednesday. This is the first moment I have had to write about it! The past week was one of the most hectic in recent memory, although it could have been worse, I suppose.

So, we started a day later than I had originally planned. We had camped the week before and all came home sick. So, I didn't get as much ready during the weekend as I had wanted, plus there were a couple other committments on Tuesday.

So, Wednesday morning dawned and the kids arose bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to begin their new grades. David entered 6th grade, Emily is in 4th grade now, and James is sort of in 2nd grade. Suzy is officially a preschooler!

First I introduced the kids' new chore charts and reintroduced the concept of chores at certain times during the day. Most of the daily jobs were reassigned, which I do about twice a year.

Then after the first set of morning jobs were completed, we had a dual treasure hunt. David and Emily paired up for a word scramble treasure hunt and James and Suzy did a color treasure hunt. The prize at the end was their new school supplies! Who doesn't love new school supplies?

Once they had ooh-ed and ahhh-ed enough over their new notebooks and crayons, we did a short drawing assignment. Ice cream sundaes is a new tradition we started last year for the first day of school, so that was our snack.

David and Emily did a history review of last year's information in preparation for their end-of-year test (yes, that should have been done before we went camping, but that's the beauty of homeschooling! lol).

Lunch fit in there someplace and then we had our new afternoon chores. At 4:00 I had a staff meeting at work, and so I trooped off for that and then went to the grocery store.

And thus ended the first day of school this year!