Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - August 29

Oh wow, look. I never finished this post! Sorry, people! Posting it today (Sept 5) as-is!

: 86 and humid (at 9pm)

Sounds: the TV is on in the other room. I hear footsteps.


Projects: Planning the "70 meals, one trip to the store" trip to the store


Teaching: MATH



Duds: navy shorts, blue striped tank top

Reads: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Vids: I Am David, Sweet Land


Love: my new phone!

Plans: Working 5 hours M-F, Soccer practices (all), Soccer games for David, farewell picnic for friends


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Co-op Class Choices

Homeschool Co-op begins in less than two weeks! Here are the classes my kids are taking this year. (14 bi-weekly sessions Sept-April)

David, age 15 - Script Ninjas (learning to write Visual Basic Scripting, a computer language), American Revolution (history class, with a 'class trip' to Washington DC in the spring), Financial Peace for Teens (yes, Dave Ramsey), Dodgeball (just what it sounds like....)

Emily, age 13 - Chill Out (hanging out with other teens), Steppin' In'To Glory (worship dance), Austentatious (the Jane Austen class I am teaching - reading all the novels and watching film adaptations), Beautiful You (manners, grooming, Bible study)

James, age 10 - Art Masterpieces (an awesome art class), Chronicles of Professor Kaleidoscope (a history/science class taught by my inimitable and irrepressible friend Michele), Physical Education for ages 10+, Treasure Island Adventure (reading the book Treasure Island and doing related projects)

Suzanne, age 8 - Shout it Out (Cheerleading & PomPom), Kids Concoctions (creating cool concoctions and learning science), Suitcase Adventures (Also taught by Michele - when she's teaching, my kids are there!), Travelling Thru Time (a history class)

If you want to see the entire schedule, go HERE, and for class descriptions, click HERE.

We love co-op. And honestly? At this point, it's probably the only thing keeping me homeschooling.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - August 22

Outside: Cloudy and 68

Sounds: Nothing but the fan in the window

Home: Every surface is covered with stuff for camping.

Projects: Getting ready for Camp is a big enough project for me

Pondering: how in the world I would continue to homeschool if I got the job I'm interviewing for on Friday

Teaching: working on a sample lesson plan for my interview

Gratitude: Thankful we didn't get kicked out of the movie theater last night! We are kinda loud! LOL

Recipes: Made a pear crisp yesterday since a neighbor gifted us with a bushel basket of pears

Duds: grey AYSO tee, jean capris, bare feet, wet hair

Reads: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

Vids: Inception (loved it!), Eat Pray Love (yawwwwn - way too long), The Importance of Being Earnest (one of my repeat favs - can watch any day and looooove it!)

Hopes: that I can still enjoy Camp Week even though I have to work

Love: GELATO!!!!!!

Plans: Camp Week, but still working M-F (I reduced my hours slightly), Soccer practice (D; the rest are not going this week), Interview F, D's 1st soccer game

Pic: My Rollicking Readers (minus a few important ones!)
I'm back row, far left, in case you don't know me in person.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - August 15

Outside: 84, humid, and rumbles of thunder in the distance (this was in the afternoon)

Sounds: James and Emily discussing some toys, radio playing in the background, and always the hum of fans!!

Home: David built me another computer - a desktop for the kids to use for lessons.

Projects: no current projects other than planning for camping and working on lessons

Pondering: everything, really

Teaching: Need to choose some literature selections, but other than that, I've decided on most all of the curriculum we will be using. Time to put together some plans.

Gratitude: a pleasant friendly service at a friend's church this morning

Recipes: This fell by the wayside this past week - too HOT to cook.

Duds: jean shorts, pink and white tank top, bare feet

Reads: Still have What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America by Linda Baumgarten (SO interesting!!!) and also reading Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer (OK, since I started this post, I finished Beachcombers and am now reading the new Anne Lamott novel - Imperfect Birds.)

Vids: the last few episodes of Eli Stone (pouting that it was canceled and there were only 2 seasons), Bridget Jones' Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, The Proposal (movie night with my peeps!)

Hopes: wishing for more family time building relationships

Love: seeing bats flying in the twilight (knowing they are eating mosquitos!)

Plans: Working 5 hours M-F, Soccer practices (D,E,J), two Beach Days (one at Lake Huron), Book Club

Pic: James got serious about roasting his huge marshmallow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - August 8

Outside: 82 and dusk

Sounds: "Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!" (James)

Home: Seems that we need a replacement for Bob's vehicle.

Projects: Time to start thinking seriously about lesson planning. And maybe actually doing some of it.

Pondering: How can it possibly be August 8th???

Teaching: Searching for a good and affordable computer-based spelling program.

Gratitude: Got to hold a very cute baby today!

Recipes: Have a new cookbook called - 70 Meals, One Trip to the Store

Duds: mauve scoop neck tee, navy stretch capris (new), bare feet, slight sunburn on my nose

Reads: Still have What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America by Linda Baumgarten and also reading The Book Thief by Marcus Zuszak

Vids: a couple episodes of MI-5 (meh.....), 4 episodes of Little Dorrit (love!), Happy Accidents (Netflix Instant - weird), Believe in Me (about 1960's girls basketball - pretty good)

Hopes: that I will know whether or not I should apply for this library job I heard about (FT)

Love: the Great Lakes!

Plans: Working 5 hours M-F, Soccer Conditioning (E,J,S), Soccer practices (D), a bunch of meetings and other stuff.....

Pic: Em's haircut

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - August 1

Outside: 75 and partly sunny. Supposed to be HOT this week

Sounds: Fans, Alice in Wonderland playing in the background

Home: Last week's Cleaning Week was a success. Bob also removed the (broken) swingset and fixed the backyard fence.

Projects: Time to start thinking about curriculum and fall learning. I guess so, anyway.

Pondering: the Outlander musical and wondering if it would be any good....

Teaching: thinking about Bible memory systems - got one you like?

Gratitude: thankful we have a variety and an abundance of food

Recipes: Bob made chocolate chip cookies from a bagged mix and they were DIVINE! I have a cake baking.... in the slow cooker!

Duds: pink tee, jean capris, tan flip flops, touched-up roots

Reads: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (I am about 1/2 through Part Two) & Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (also for book club). Skimming through What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America by Linda Baumgarten

Vids: Dear John (with only half my attention), a little of The Office (boring) and a little of Beowulf and Grendel (only watch if you are a Gerard Butler fan or if you love Beowulf so much you need to see everything ever made about it) & When in Rome (which was pretty good). Oh yeah, and the first episode of MI-5.

Hopes: Still believing in our Miracle.

Love: this week it's HEATH bars. Mmmm.....

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, Soccer Conditioning (E,J,S), Beach Day, Voting Tuesday, David's 1st soccer practice, maybe getting together with friends, giving everyone here a haircut

Pic: Dear Mom I ded (did) the porck (porch). (I think this is the longest thing Suzy has ever written without being MADE to write.)