Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Science is All Planned!

Whew! My science curriculum is all planned for fall. This is Planning Week here and I was starting to get a little antsy since I hadn't accomplished anything and it was already Wednesday! But I plugged away at it all afternoon and evening, and I got 120 lessons of Considering God's Creation planned.

I am not doing the book in the order it is written; I've rearranged the lessons a little to fit our cold/warm seasons and my own preferences. I don't see any trouble getting it all done this year, which is my goal. I know some people take longer to do it, but I want David to begin Apologia science next year, either General Science (which would be my preference) or Physical Science (which would be easier, since our co-op would be doing it next year).

If we like CGC, and I think we will, I'll do it again at some point, with James and Suzy. Maybe even Emily will do it again, as I doubt she'll be inclined to do heavy science in the junior high years.

:::glances over at nice neat stack of lesson pages and beams::: Now I need to go find a nice clean new binder for my lesson plans!