Wednesday, March 1, 2006

To Epsilon or Not to Epsilon

Well, for weeks and weeks now, I've needed to order Math-U-See Epsilon for David. He finished Delta mid-January. It was supposed to be a $95 order (with shipping), but then I decided not to order the Fraction Overlays as David probably wouldn't need those anyway. So, I was left with the teacher book/CD and the student book for Epsilon which would be $55 plus shipping. (I think.)

Well, I didn't HAVE $55. Then I had it, but I needed it for bills. Then I didn't have it again, lol. Then I had it again, but needed it for bills again. With no $55 looming easily in the horizon, I needed to find another solution. (No, I can't get it on eBay. It's too new and no one is selling it. In the rare event it does come up on auction, it usually sells for retail!)

So, I finally decided to see if David could pass the Epsilon placement test. He didn't pass, but he came pretty close. So, I figured I would just teach him fractions (Epsilon's focus) out of some books I already have. He understands the concepts fine and doesn't really need the hands-on part anyway. IF there is something we don't get, I have 2 friends that have the Epsilon stuff and I could take David over and show him the lesson on the DVD.

So, I've decided just to CLEP him out of Epsilon after some intense fraction study. :-)

Then, on to ZETA!