Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 26th

1 - Today is a very very very very busy Monday! Lots to do! And work hours to squeeze in.
2 - Have to plan a soccer registration that is EASY PEASY. Is that even possible?
3 - Trying hard not to be jealous of homeschool moms who can just homeschool and not have to juggle work hours, of women whose husbands have good jobs, of people who can go on vacation to fun places. Most of the time, I succeed and can be content with my lot in life. Lately, it's not so easy.

1 - Staying on top of grading the papers from three different classes.
2 -  Washed all the bedding and hung it on the line (is it cheating to call that a success? lol)
3 - Intimidated David into getting a haircut (not much of one), then I cut Bob's and James' hair myself.

1 - Completed adding new players to teams that had openings and ordered the uniforms.
2 - Trying to find enough students for another session of my essay workshop which was requested.
From the Library: Received Big Bang Theory Season 3 through inter-library loan
Kindle:  only got 78% done with The Historian and it went back. BUT! I signed it out immediately again, and finished it over the weekend. Also finished Max Lucado's book God's Story, Your Story on my Kindle.
Rollicking: The Hunger Games series on audio - halfway through Mockingjay now.... Went out to the theater with my Rollickers to see the movie - recommended! Had to leave book club discussion before it was done to go pick up David - SAD FACE. :-(
Redbox: Tower Heist - one of the stupidest movies I've ever watched.

Pondering:  putting the kids in school - wouldn't it just be better for everyone?

Discussing: The reasons why I choose to read/watch The Hunger Games. Apparently that's the new book series for Christians to pick on. Sigh....

Considering: whether or not I want to tackle reading the Harry Potter series. My original reasons for not reading it really aren't valid for me anymore. But I really am not interested. Convince me, someone. Or don't. It's not like I need to ADD to my reading list! lol

Serendipity: Love seeing yellow spring flowers - daffodils and forsythia make me smile!

Anticipating: I get to visit with my parents and sister next weekend!

Writing Progress: once again - none at all...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 17th

1 - Emily has started soccer - practice 3 days a week for the next several weeks.
2- My "to-do" list is always a challenge. Just rewrote it in my little notebook because there was so many scratch-outs that it was hard to see what needed to be done.
3 - Need to refocus on eating healthy and getting fit. Stoopid injured foot.

1 - Darlene and I FINISHED the co-op schedule!
2 - Glued my Rollicking Readers badges on my tote bag. Finally! We are working on creating badges for ALL the books we have read, but it takes a while since we have read 35 books!
3 - Took Suzy to a little shop in a nearby town that she has wanted to visit for about a year. (or more?) A cute little place stuffed with candles, framed pictures, ornaments, decorations, antiques, little signs, and so much more. She was an angel while we examined everything.

1 - writing descriptions for three writing camps I will be teaching this summer
2 - Getting out the spring clothes WAY early since it will be 80 this week and no one wants to wear sweatshirts and jeans! Except David, of course.
3 - Got a free trampoline from a friend and the guys are working on refurbishing the springs and setting it up. Thankfully this is not MY project!

From the Library: Finished up Big Bang Theory Season 2 and immediately requested Season 3 (thank God for inter-library loan)
Kindle:  about halfway done with The Historian and Overdrive (e-book library) will suck back my book in 3 days! Speed it up, Lisa!

Netflix: Life in a Day - LOVED this movie - poignant and funny and insightful and random. Other than a handful of mature themes, it would even be great for kids.

Rollicking: The Hunger Games series on audio - halfway through Catching Fire now.... Can't wait to see the movie with my Rollickers this weekend!

Pondering: when/if we want to go camping this summer. We have reservations for homeschool camp week. Do we want to go any other time?

Discussing: virtual academies and public school/homeschool partnerships

Considering: taking the kids to Cedar Point on June 1st.

Oops: Realized this week that my drivers license was EXPIRED. (Bonus points if you know WHEN it expired! lol) Got that taken care of right away.
Crafts: Not sure this actually counts as a craft, but it's not a recipe either. Made "pot of gold" candy baggies for the kids for St. Paddy's Day. (Sorry the pix is sideways.)

Serendipity: The weather! Our crocuses are blooming. I think this is 3 weeks early, maybe more?

Anticipating: THE HUNGER GAMES movie - so FREAKING excited! (sorry, got a little fan-girl-ish there......) Also, I get to visit with my parents and sister next weekend!

Writing Progress: Oh gosh.... I thought putting this on the meme would be motivating, but instead I am just annoyed with myself every week when I come on here and have no progress to report.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 10

1 - My foot still hurts (worse actually) so I can't get on the treadmill.
2 - eating healthfully
3 - dealing with irrational people

1 - Completed 5 overtime hours this week - first time in a LONG time I've had the opportunity.
Can't think of anything else this week.....

1 - getting the co-op schedule done WAY earlier than in past years
2 - tweaking the 4 week lesson plan for my essay class and getting the syllabus all printed out and stapled
3 - adding mid-season replacement players to the soccer teams
From the Library: season 2 of The Big Bang Theory & the next Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mystery

Redbox: Like Crazy (stupid story; would not recommend despite the excellent cast)

Kindle:  a Max Lucado book I am reading for devotions - I read a lot of Lucado years ago and am remembering now how much his books speak to me. Also reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (a library loan for the Kindle).
Rollicking: The Hunger Games on audio - I forgot how well-written and compelling it is! Completely enjoying my second read-through. Can't wait to see the movie with my book club!

Pondering: about summer and winter gasoline; never heard of that until this week! Googled so I know it's true, but how could I go so long without knowing about it?
Discussing: with David - psychopaths vs. sociopaths; with Emily - some blunt facts of life; with Bob - why doesn't the heater work in the van we are borrowing
Considering: the Pinterest debate over copyrights and wondering if that's why my Pinterest feed has slowed down considerably

Serendipity: a sweet note from my sister with a free coffee coupon (Thanks, Janet!)

Fun Times: went out with friends to dinner, then to see John Carter (which I enjoyed!) and then out for coffee

Anticipating: Jane Austen seminar/discussion with a friend on Sunday, SPRING!

Writing Progress: none again; it's always low priority

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - March 4

1 - My left foot hurts when I run. Have been walking fast instead. :-(
2 - Gearing up for soccer season. Going to have to come up with Plan B to step out as registrar. Wouldn't you thinkthat, if you agreed to do a job and you changed your mind, then you would notify the person who is counting on you? Instead, this person is just ignoring my emails and calls, as well as those of the Commissioner.
3 -Coming up with appropriate consequences for misbehavior and bad attitudes. Especially for my teens. Going to make a point of finishing the Love & Logic book that I've had sitting here half-read for a few months.

1 - Ran/walked fast on the treadmill 3 times this week.
2 - Passed our green belt test! (Will promote on March 12)
3 - Have a satisfying number of students enrolled in my essay class - Still room for a few more though!

1 - March lesson sheets
2 - that yearbook!
3 - Planning the upcoming essay class

From the Library: The librarian offered us first dibs on the DVDs of Hugo and Puss in Boots. Also watched the entire first season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.
Netflix: How I Met Your Mother and Jericho
Redbox: Breaking Dawn.....

Brit Lit: Introduced the class to the characters of The Scarlet Pimpernel.....

Recipes: Plan to make Glitter Grapes to take to Brit Lit movie night. 
What's New: A 2012 Monet calendar (on clearance for 50 cents!)
On Order: a bootleg DVD copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982). I own 2 VHS copies, but never ordered a DVD and now it's no longer available.

Disappointment: David was not chosen as a driver for his robotics team. At least not for the first competition.

Fun Times: My friend invited me to a ladies night at her church and it was fun! I even did the craft! And Emily and I (and Suzy) went out today for her birthday to see The Vow!

Anticipating: Brit Lit movie night, then going to see The Lorax with friends and our kids, going to see John Carter this weekend? (All my anticipation is for movies? LOL)

Writing Progress: Wrote a little more FAQ for my Jane Austen book club guide.