Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - June 27

Outside: Raining and thundering faintly, mid-70's

Sounds: Bob clipping his nails (ew), David and James playing video games, the fan, and someone (Suzy?) doing something at the table

Home: the pool is set up, but we have yet to use it

Projects: getting ready for camping

Pondering: the need to spend more time in prayer for my children

Teaching: buying David a Teaching Textbooks Geometry used - this is instead of the Switched-On Schoolhouse I planned to buy. We'll see how it goes.....

Gratitude: my contract is renewed through the end of the summer

Recipes: Going to make a roast in the slow cooker tomorrow; need some good camping recipes for the slow cooker

Duds: light blue tank top, black lycra shorts, sweat, bare feet (just got done running and stripped off my shoes and socks first thing)

Reads: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (downloaded the audiobook free from Librivox) and looking at Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst

Vids: Eli Stone Season 2, Invictus, Mansfield Park, Emma

Hopes: that I can pick up 5 extra hours this week

Love: running when it's sprinkling

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, Lessons 4 days, Swim lessons for J&S, soccer conditioning for J,E, & S, a doctor appointment for myself, trying to get in 4 workouts this week, and a camping trip to plan


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - June 20

Outside: Sunny and about 70. Supposed to be 81 today. PERFECT

Sounds: the other laptop making its loud fan noise, birds chirping, the kids out on the porch

Home: Getting ready to set up the pool for the first time in several years.

Projects: Same ones - soccer teams & uniforms, compiling co-op proposals, updating the computers so they both are at optimal usage for my job.

Pondering: the challenges of parenting and working

Teaching: swim lessons this week for the little ones and adding house painting to our curriculum. Only the best schools teach home repair, you know.

Gratitude: living in a small town

Recipes: Made a raspberry/blueberry trifle and pesto linguine for book club. Both turned out well, and I even got requests for the trifle recipe.

Duds: white top, red capris, ready for church

Reads: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (trying to read it for book club), taking the time intentionally to read Jeffrey Deaver's The Burning Wire, and also have Read it and Eat out from the library (a book about book clubs that I will skim through for ideas)

Vids: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (enjoyed this even though it was quite a departure from the book), Leap Year (liked it), Terminator: Salvation (confusing, but interesting - probably I should have paid better attention), and Sherlock Holmes (re-watched at book club).

Hopes: that Bob can find a full time job that he likes, can do, and pays well

Love: clothes for a quarter (yard sales!)

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, SOF Meeting, Lessons 4 days, Swim lessons for J&S, Beach Day, soccer conditioning, trying to get in 4 workouts this week, and a wedding to go to

Pic: My dad and my kids, last Sunday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - June 13

The thing my husband was eating was a mini (baby?) octopus. (This was pictured in my previous blog entry.) Ewwwww.... He liked it, though.

: Dark but still around 70 degrees

Sounds: a window fan, slight noises from upstairs, the clock ticking = pretty quiet here (good since it is nearly midnight!)

Home: Bob put in a new outdoor spigot. Ours has been broken since before his accident, I think. EIGHT YEARS AGO. I think he also worked this weekend on putting Dri-Lok in the basement.

Projects: Moving on to creating soccer teams and ordering uniforms. Also working on co-op schedule.

Pondering: What should we do for our anniversary?

Teaching: The kids are learning a Michigan tree and a Michigan bird every week this summer - their choices.

Gratitude: Thankful for a wonderful weekend visiting my family.

Recipes: Papa John's pizza - yum! Oh, and my mom made some potato salad that was absolutely delish! And Janet made some lasagna.... and a coffee cake... mmmm...

Duds: green/brown plaid shorts, brown shirt, bare feet

Reads: Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (for book club)

Vids: Amelia (sorry - it left me cold), Precious (raw, but really powerful), went to the theater to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid (loved it - very funny!)

Hopes: that my dad's condition improves rapidly this week so that he can return home

Love: BOOKSTORES - went to two big bookstores this weekend. Could get lost in them. I mean, totally lost. For hours.

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, Soccer Meeting, Lessons 4 days, the kids have two youth events, our anniversary is Friday, book club is Saturday

Our engagement picture. (B/W because it was for the newspaper, not because COLOR photography had not been invented yet. -wry smile-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lisa's Logbook - June 6

Outside: Damp and 63

Sounds: Arguing (over the dishes) - ain't that niiiiiice?

Home: The new sidewalk is done. Bought a gallon of white paint to update interior trim. Bob planted two flats of annuals - one of pink impatiens in front, one of blue ageratum in back.

Projects: Entering soccer registrations; working on co-op schedule with the new coordinator

Pondering: shyness and its impact on relationships

Teaching: paid for a subscription to online Explode the Code for Suzy. (Thanks to Jennifer for cluing me in!) Used Homeschool Buyers Co-op to get a deal.

Gratitude: thankful that my foot is feeling so much better

Recipes: S'mores? Tonight over a fire? Probably not - too rainy

Duds: jeans, long sleeved magenta tee, my new socks, hair blown straight, makeup on

Reads: almost done with Echo in the Bone audio (and it's overdue); finishing a book about friendship by Emilie Barnes (that I started a couple years ago).

Vids: Tooth Fairy (pretty good), Evelyn (Pierce Brosnan as an Irish father whose kids were taken away by Church and State), Killers (leaving now to watch it with friends - BACK now: don't bother with it); I think I watched something else too this week, but now I cannot recall.

Hopes: that we can watch some of World Cup soccer - James has requested to watch it.

Love: having a little extra money to buy things like a new shower curtain and flats of plants. It's been several years since we have had that luxury.

Plans: Working 4 hours M-F, Homeschool Meeting, Beach Day, Lessons 4 days, finishing the soccer registrations

Pic: Can you see what's on that fork?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

War Between the States

A Civil War Encampment was held in a nearby city on Friday. I took the three oldest kids; Suzy did not attend. We went with a group of homeschoolers, but most of the attendees were public schooled students. What a wonderful experience! The weather was great; we were first in the day, and everyone was well-behaved.

A slideshow is above, but if you want to see all 115 of my photos, click HERE.