Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Lapbooking Resources

Some Lapbook resources I found through Jimmie's Collage blog:

Egypt and daVinci lapbook free downloads at Handle on the Arts

Lapbook templates - free downloads at That Resource Site
There is also a free kangaroo lapbook at the bottom of the page.

More templates at Gidget's Homeschool Networking and Fileshare Site



Sadie said...

This is the one Sabrina completed this summer on Egypt:


~Byn There said...

Cute. I thought 'The Soloist' was great too. Jamie Foxx did a great job and I'm curious about the whole bike injury deal, if that was indeed makeup or Robert was injured for real and they worked it in, because if it was makeup that was an amazing job.

Unknown said...

So glad your liked the links. The little girl graphic is adorable.
Elmers glue and scissors are my favorite fashion accessories. Seriously. :-)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the collection!