Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - July 15

1 - Getting my work done and still doing all the fun things I want to do
2 - David got sick soon after returning from camp. He still feels yukky two days later.

1 - Had a lot of fun with Suzy this past week (saw Brave, got her ears pierced, hung out with friends, etc...)
2 - Suzy can cook!
3 - Emily had a wonderful time at camp which I mention only because she was SO apprehensive about going.

1 - Cleaning out closets
2 - Getting my passport

From the Library: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#5)
Movies:  Machine Gun Preacher (good movie!), Crazy Stupid Love (much better than I anticipated), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (in preparation for The Dark Knight Rises coming out soon.), No Reservations (an old favorite)
Theater: Brave (with Suzy, and we both loved it!)
On my Kindle: Forgotten God by Francis Chan

Tasty:  My favorite meal deal at Taco Bell is the #1 (chicken burrito). If I am being good, I order it "fresco". I don't eat the Doritos though; do you? I have to order diet PEPSI since they don't have Diet Coke - the downside to eating at Taco Bell.

Obsession: ok, I will admit to a tiny budding obsession with the story of The Boy Who Lived.
Oops: Missed the fact that Tom Hiddleston (Loki, Henry V) was in Detroit this past week until he was already gone. Would have been fun to get his autograph!
Serendipity: David was baptized at camp!
Fun Times:  lots of good times over the past week - staying up until 3:30 am giggling with a friend, sitting in the sunshine at the beach, taking Suzy to see Brave and eating a large bucket of popcorn together, going to some garage sales and finding great deals, movie nights two nights in a row with wonderful friends. And that's just some of the fun - had a WONDERFUL week.
Anticipating: watching the 4th Harry Potter movie today, going to Lake Huron, and Richard Armitage is coming to Detroit!

My older two are on this bus, getting ready to leave for camp.

James and the Royal Rangers getting ready to head off to Missouri.
Suzy got her ears pierced!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - July 7 (well, maybe July 10)

1 - Staying cool! (that was last week - much easier this week!)
2 - Getting 3 kids ready for camp, all left the same day
3 - Attitude - mine and theirs (again, easier this week! lol)

1 - Signed up the older two kids for youth camp this week
2 - Finally finished Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - it wasn't a bad book, nor even a boring one, but my heart just wasn't in it. 
3 - Purchased a pair of flip-flops that look comfy; that was a hard search! These are the same brand (Airwalk) as the ones I currently love, so I am hopeful.

1 - Getting back to a focus on weight loss and fitness
2 - Working on unsubscribing to emails - as they come in, I'm taking a couple minutes every day to unsubscribe from newsletters, sale fliers, etc...

From the Library: a stack of magazines, everything from Smithsonian to Taste of Home
Rollicked: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (FINALLY finished it!)
Youtube: more episodes of the enthralling (but blurry on youtube) Homefront (only about 5 eps left....)
DVD:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Contagion, 21 Jump Street (one of the worst movies I've ever watched)
On my Kindle: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (e-book borrowed from the library!) 66% done

Tasty:  Skor bar (I haven't eaten a candy bar in ever-so long! Yum!)

Obsession: Pinterest! What fun! Pinning and pinning and pinning some more!
Oops: too hot to start running this week; just couldn't make myself do it.
Fun Times:  hanging with my friend and her family for fireworks on the Fourth; late night swim at the pool when the temps were still hovering around 90
Anticipating: A week with just Suzy - lots of fun planned! Garage saling with a friend. Maybe some girls night fun! Oh, and BOOK CLUB!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lisa's Logbook - July 1

1 - Getting James ready to go on Royal Rangers Camporama for a week out of state (and it's gonna be H.O.T. HOT!)
2 - Finding another trampoline or the parts to get ours going again. The kids miss it. A lot!
3 - Deciding what to do with David's senior year. This is pretty much deferred to August at this point. 

1 - Did karate twice last week and I survived (though, man oh man, it kicked my butt!)
2 - Got everything done for co-op (I think) and have now begun my month off.

Projects: Listing some things online for sale, since I doubt a yard sale will be a big success here. Also working on transcripts this week, I think.

From the Library: DVD's and magazines. Oh, and I just finished Book 3 of Harry Potter.
Youtube: more episodes of Homefront
DVD:  John Carter, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Big Miracle, Sherlock Holmes 2

Tasty: sweet potato fries and frozen lemonade from Burger King

Serendipity: Bob got hired FULL TIME at the thrift store! I don't have many details yet, but I will share when I get them. This is BIG NEWS!
Obsession: I bought the DVD of John Carter, if that gives you any indication! :-)
Oops: Missed out on a friend's party - headache 

Fun Times: Cousin Camp was great! Had fun catching with some friends tonight after coming back. 
Anticipating: Fireworks! Starting running again this week - please pray my foot is strong! Oh, and a community theater production of Hamlet
Writing Progress: hmmmm...