Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 24

Current Mood: Sugared Up
Outside: Mostly Sunny and in the 50's today.
Wearing: Black Skirt, Peach Top, Brown flats (they didn't match, but they also didn't hurt my feet)
Tunes: the stuff on my Walkman (W series)
Kids Are: also all sugared-up!
Hubby Is: napping
Made Me Laugh: Psych, of course! Such a cleverly-written show!
Made Me Sad: Forgot to take pix of the kids today in their Sunday clothes. Only got a snap of Suzy.
Made Me Smile: Running outside in the sunshine! And then doing my karate form out there too. :-)
Blessings:  Found a dress for Emily to wear to the homeschool banquet and it's not going to need much alteration.
Reading: Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
WatchingPsych (officially addicted) and Life on Mars & The IT Crowd (also on Netflix instant). Oh, and Tron: Legacy. It was weird watching the movie because we listen to the soundtrack pretty much non-stop. The music is SO familiar that it was almost unsettling watching the action unfold to it. lol
Considering: Changing my Netflix plan to 1-out instead of 2-out. Would save me $5 a month since we have switched to mostly watching Instant! I do like the flexibility of 2-out, but......
Working On: Soccer registration and getting back into counting calories and working out.
Accomplishments: Learned my 1st basic form in Tang Soo Do. Taught the kids to blow out eggs.
Lessons: Bought an e-book to help James with the sounds of S, Sh, and Z which give him trouble in his speech
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, soccer practices and games, a leadership meeting, rescheduled Egg Hunt/Park Day

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 17

Current Mood: Relaxed
Outside: SNOWING and 39 degrees. Blech! (last week it was 81 and sunny?!)
Wearing: Khaki pants, sapphire blue blouse, blue necklace, brown loafers, hair blown straight
Tunes: Listened to part of my Country Jog playlist
Kids Are: 1 is sitting here talking to me, 1 is on the computer, 2 are upstairs
Hubby Is: finishing lunch
Made Me Laugh: book club always makes me laugh! We have such fun! 
Made Me Sad: disagreements in my family
Made Me Drool: just THINKING about gelato makes me drool 
Blessings: Lesson plans are pretty much set for my essay class. Love teaching classes I already planned well and taught once before.
ReadingRun by Ann Patchett and listening to Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
Watching: Source Code (EXCELLENT), Psych (love it on Netflix instant) and Due Date (all the funny stuff was in the trailer and almost none of the crude stuff was), as well as Wives and Daughters at book club.
Considering: furniture purchases and a vehicle purchase as well
Working On: learning my karate form.
Accomplishments: Managed to run 2 miles on Tuesday. Just once this week. Rain rain rain snow....
Lessons: Starting Emily on HELP math this week - 2 week trial to see how we like it. Also Em and David are taking my essay class (along with 18 other students).
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, soccer practices and games, the 1st essay class
Pic: Check out these directions to a local theater!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 10

Current Mood: Mellow
Outside: 81 degrees??? Breezy and sunny! Crocuses!
Wearing: Black yoga pants, blue tee, bare feet
Tunes: Just Wives and Daughters
Kids Are: 2 are painting their bedrooms, 2 are chatting in the living room.
Hubby Is: Cleaning up the yard.
Made Me Laugh:  Sitting with my good friend
Made Me Sad: Bob's aunt passed away. Also seeing Suzy's tonsils was pretty sad.
Made Me Drool:  walking down the Easter candy aisle - so many kinds of JELLYBEANS! lol
Blessings: Walking into the urgent care with Suzy and there being NO OTHER PATIENTS there. How often does THAT happen? No waiting!
Reading: Just finished Wives and Daughters for book club and Cinderella Ate My Daughter. Started listening to Voyager by Diana Gabaldon and reading a book about a waitress' life experiences.
Watching: Psych and Life on Mars
Considering: Going to a movie. Anyone want to see Source Code or Soul Surfer?
Working On: soccer registration fliers, also the bedroom rearranging project
Accomplishments: Matched up a few waiting list players with open spots on spring soccer teams.
Lessons: Worked on David's transcript with a cool transcript generator my friend Maryann told me about:
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, soccer practices and games, book club, homeschool rollerskating
Pic: First pic is Em and Suzy's room - half spring green and half lilac.

Second pic is David's end of the boys' room - partially painted regal purple. He even painted the ceiling. LOL And the trim is going to be onyx black.

Third pic shows James' end of the boys' room. His is light blue on top (sky) and dark blue on bottom (waves) and he is painting waves on the walls. He wants shark decals and fishes too. Ignore the huge messy pile in the middle that no one even covered with a sheet while painting. LOL He did his ceiling too, I believe, and the trim will likely be white.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lisa's Logbook - April 3

Current Mood: Tired
Outside: THUNDER SNOW! And once again, the ground is white. And it's supposed to get up to 50 DURING THE NIGHT. WTH???
Wearing: jeans and a grey sweatshirt. That's like my uniform.
Tunes: Didn't listen to much all week really. Sad, isn't it?
Kids Are: 2 are doing writing lessons they skipped during the week. 2 are watching Holes.
Hubby Is: napping. Surprise!
Made Me Laugh: Psych! I just LOVE that show! SOO clever!
Made Me Sad: Someone I considered a friend hasn't been acting like one.
Made Me Drool: Macaroni and cheese PIZZA at Cici's today! YUUUUUMMMMMY!!! (Don't knock it til you've tried it!)
Blessings: My new camera takes good videos!
Reading: Started a book but not sure I like it. Also going to be finishing Wives and Daughters this week. Then I can listen to some Gabaldon!!!
Watching: Henry Poole Was Here and lots of Psych
Considering: the details of an essay class I am going to teach this spring. It's a repeat of the one I taught last year, but I need to charge a bit more or do less essay grading.
Working On: soccer registration fliers, also the bedroom rearranging project
Accomplishments: Finished another year of co-op! Woot!
Lessons: going to focus on IEW this week. Also David's math is getting really hard and he can't do as much in a week. So, re-adjusting my expectations for him.
Agenda: Working 4 hours M-F, karate, a couple meetings
This is the skit my Austentatious class has been working on since the fall. We performed it Friday night at our co-op program. I'm second from the right and my daughter Emily is in the light green on the far right.

Breaking Boards

I am not sure these pictures showed up when I originally posted this. So I re-published them. Do you see them now?

We started homeschool karate last week at a nearby studio. They offered a special introductory homeschool program twice a week in the afternoons. Three short intro sessions and a uniform were included. They got a very good response and we are part of a large class. I've decided (against popular opinion) to sign all 5 of us up for their homeschool program that begins next Monday. I'm enjoying it and it fits my goal of keeping us active as a family.

Specifics for those who want to know: It's Korean martial arts called Tang Soo Do.