Sunday, July 1, 2007

Curriculum 2007-08

Well, I hate to be a copycat, but Jennifer posted her curriculum choices for next year, and since I have mine mostly worked out, I thought I'd do the same. So, thanks, Jennifer, for the impetus!

For those that might not read regularly here, I have 4 children and work full time on second shift. My kids are David, age 12-1/2 in 7th grade; Emily, age 10 in 5th grade; James, age 7-1/2 in 2nd or 3rd grade; and Suzy, age 5 in kindergarten. (Only homeschoolers could be unsure of their children's grade level! lol)


All kids - Baker Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Finish Volume 3

and alternate with:

Character Building for Families – Volume 2


David - Math U See – continue with Pre-Algebra, then move to Algebra 1

Emily - Math U See - Gamma and memorize all math facts

James - Math U See – Finish Beta, start Gamma

Suzy – learn the numbers and practice counting

Language Arts


All will do child-chosen silent reading and mom-chosen instructional reading (some aloud, some silent).

All will listen to Read-alouds, Mom-chosen, of general interest


David – still deciding (perhaps Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings?)


James – Finish Alphabet Island Phonics 2B, Explode the Code 3 & 4, & Phonics Pathways (to supplement when needed

Suzy – Alphabet Island Phonics 1 and Bob Books when ready


David – Sonlight Grammar Ace


David & Emily - continue with Spelling Power


David Self-Instruction in Handwriting (Zaner-Bloser) Cursive

Emily Self-Instruction in Handwriting (Zaner-Bloser) Neater Printing & Cursive

James Self-Instruction in Handwriting (Zaner-Bloser) Printing

Suzy - Writing the Letters and her name


All kids will write back and forth to me in their Journals, and write to others via the postal service

Composition for David and Emily will be Institute for Excellence in Writing's course - Student Writing Intensive B.


David – Apologia General Science (or possible Physical Science, if co-op offers this class)

Emily, James, Suzy – Scholastic Science Mini-Journals (9 mini units on various science topics)

Social Studies

Might do From Sea to Shining Sea & Sounding Forth the Trumpet since I already own those, thus continuing our American history study.

Or we may go on to Mystery of History Volume 2....

Physical Education

All kids will play AYSO soccer in the fall & spring.

All kids will have PE at co-op twice a month.

Will include in some form: Music Appreciation, Art, Geography, Typing

May also include Spanish, which I can teach, but I might get Rosetta Stone instead.