Sunday, December 28, 2014

This Year At Co-op

We are part of a fun and practical homeschool co-op that I helped start 10 years ago. We are now in our eleventh year of co-op and my kids could not imagine homeschooling without being in co-op.

Here are the classes the kids are taking this year.

Suzy, age 12
Creative Crafters - fun crafts
BFF Club - learning how to host parties for your friends and creating friendships
Babysitting - the Red Cross babysitting class
Drawing Portraits - a DVD course with an art teacher to learn to draw portraits

James, age 15
Drafting - learning both pencil/paper drafting and CAD
K'Nex Bridge Building - using K'Nex to learn about the physics of bridges
Literature (Mythology) - Greek and Roman Mythology
Personal Protection - Physical fitness and self-defense

Emily, age 17 (her last year of co-op)
What's Next - preparation for adult life (careers, bills, housing, etc...)
Foundations Personal Finance  - the Dave Ramsey course for teens
Literature (Mythology) - Greek and Roman Mythology
Choir - yup, singing in a group

Since this is Emily's last year, next year I will have only two kids at co-op.

If you haven't found a suitable co-op in your area, starting one may be very rewarding!