Thursday, November 20, 2008

Products I Like

My friend Michele posted four of her favorite products on her NEW BLOG - Smile, Wink, Nod!

She challenged her readers to do the same. Since I am up for just about anything that allows procrastination from writing, I jumped right on the challenge.

So, here are a few of mine. My tastes are a lot simpler than hers, lol.

First off, we have Ultrabrite toothpaste with extra whitening power! No, it's not like having your teeth bleached, but I can tell the difference when I use some other toothpaste. It's also inexpensive - under a dollar at Walmart.

My favorite hand lotion EVER is Avon's Intensive Moisture Therapy. When it goes on sale, I stock up, usually getting it for $2 a tube. I have this lotion in three rooms of my house. I also sometimes buy the lipbalm of the same kind, but I like any kind of lip balm and must have it with me.

Drinking coffee has become an integral part of our day and it's best with flavored, sweetened, liquid creamer. This is the jumbo size of International Delight French Vanilla, which is cheaper ounce for ounce at Walmart than even the Walmart brand of liquid creamer. (That Great Value kind IS very good too.) I'm not picky about brand or flavor, although there are some I like better (anything chocolate) than others (cinnamon - blech!).

(Ooh, just did a google search and here's some info on how to make your own flavored creamers. Gonna try that out! Make Your Own Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer for a fraction of the cost. View more »)

I use eye drops daily. All those late nights you know. I don't buy the name brand, but the store brand - Walmart again!

Last but not least is Spray 'n Wash Stain Stick. I find this is great for lots of stains - grease, grass, dirt, and more! What I like is that you can treat your stains when you toss the item in the laundry, instead of having to remember to treat them right before washing. That wouldn't happen here! The Stain Stick is about $3 and worth every penny! I've tried the store brand - it doesn't work!


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I love your choices Lisa. I use Spray stick and creamer all the time. I even went ahead and did the meme too :).

See you tonight!


MICHELE said...

Hi Lisa!

See now? Wasn't this a fun post to do???

I am going to look at your white teeth tomorrow!! Plus, I think I'll convert to UltraBrite...gotta love the cost.

I use the stain stick, too!

How cool are find a homemade coffee creamer site? I'm off to explore it!

BTW, I mentioned you in my blog about "really good books I found"... be sure to read about you and thanks for inspiring me!