Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Review - Twelfth Week

  • We read Acts 22-24, continuing with our study of Paul.
  • We sang our November songs - Trust and Obey and Jesus is Alive.
  • We had Family Prayer several days.
  • David FINISHED Lesson 30 (rational & irrational numbers) in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra which means he has COMPLETED this book!!!! YAY David! He will start Algebra I in December.
  • Emily finished Lesson 24 (double digit multiplication with regrouping) in Gamma.
  • James worked on Lesson 11 in Gamma (Multiply). and took the test.
  • Suzy worked on Lesson 12 in Alpha (addition doubles) and took the test.
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • Literature study is suspended for the month.
  • All the children did silent reading every day (their choice of books).
  • We finished The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler today. What a great read-aloud!
Language Arts - Writing
  • Each child worked on writing their novels. Word counts are as follows:
  • David - estimated at 6250 (has written 11 pages I have not counted yet) (Goal is 8000)
  • Emily - 3640 ((REACHED HALFWAY MARK! Her goal is 7000)
  • James - 916 and 2 illustrations (goal 3000)
  • Suzy - 403 and 9 illustrations (Goal is 600)
  • Mom - 60004 (goal 75,000)
Language Arts - Other
  • Suspended for November.
  • David is done with Module 4 except for the test, which he will do this week.
  • Emily, James and Suzanne made their bird feeders. We still need feathers.
  • David read Chapters 6-26 in History of Us: Book 3 (by Joy Hakim). The main topic was the Revolutionary War.
  • David is also learning the Preamble to the Constitution (which means the others are hearing it).
  • The younger children did not do History.
Other activities
  • Girls had their Keepers at Home meeting.
  • Co-op on Friday.
  • Pioneer Club on Wednesday night for James and Suzy. David runs the computers there.
  • Saturday we visited friends all day. SOCIALIZATION! :-)

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