Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaNoWriMo Parody Songs

Oh, here is another way for me to procrastinate. No, I didn't write any of these parodies, but I did skim through this thread on the NaNo Forums. Some very funny stuff, at least if you are NaNo'ing. My husband just laughed and walked away when I tried to sing to him.

NaNoWriMo Theme Song

To the tune of "The Flintstones"
by donne.r

It's the time to be a word machine.
One month
For a novel,
It's the greatest thing I've ever seen!

Let's all
Gather at the coffee shop
Where we'll
Pound away on our laptops.

When you're
Doing NaNo,
You'll forget about your laundry,
And obligations,
You'll have a WriMo time!

Oh I wish I were a NaNoWriMo winner
to the tune of "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner"
by KristinYarnell

Oh I wish I were a NaNoWriMo winner
That is what I truly wish to be
Cause if I were a NaNoWriMo winner
Fifty thousands words would come to me.

I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist
To the theme of "I am the very model of a modern Major-General" from the Pirates of Penzance - apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan
by skneal

I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist
I've got a plot, but not a lot; oh, characters, that's what I missed!
I know the goal is volume, and I store plot points within a list
From pirate sacking ninjas to cliched love triangle plot twists.
I'm very well acquainted too with fight scenes, armed or with bare fists
I've researched lots of history some real and some revisionist
but if I run into a case where I just haven't any clue
I'll make it up and write it down and just mindlessly continue

I'm very good at padding, I can even work a dare or two
I've got myself a rival but I'm still out looking for a muse
The writing may not be coherent but I'm not one to get pissed
I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist

I check the forums hourly and post on "reaching fifty-k"
for those who are desparing I post hugs and cheers 'most every day
I go to write-ins now and then, to get some of my writing done
When December rolls around it's time for TGIO party fun
On weekends I procrastinate a bit until I comprehend
that at the rate I'm going I just won't quite make it to the end.
I end up questioning myself for signing up initially
but the task is so absurd that I can just laugh maniacally

I never try and edit, I avoid that task religiously
Unless the plot I have runs out a couple thousand words early
In short I have to forget about my inner perfectionist
I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist

It's gotten to the point where I feel pain when I use contractions
It just adds a single word, but who knows how long the story runs?
Time grows short, I cannot rest I've still got many words to write
My characters are misbehaving and they're putting up a fight
They think they can just mill around and do whatever they well please
But we'll see who ends up laughing when I kill them off with ease
That's not the best solution but I've no time to think strategies
I will just keep on typing as the last of my sanity flees

My family is worried since I haven't seen them in a week
Oh no! my coffee has run out! more stimulants I've got to seek
so long as I am able, that's to say that I can feel my wrists
I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist

Another one....
To the tune of "My Bologna Has A First Name"
also by KristinYarnell

Oh, my novel has a first page
And it is not so bad
And my novel has a second page,
But there it starts to drag

Oh, I love to write it every day and if you ask me why I'll say...

'Cause NaNoWriMo has the ways
To write my book in thirty days

If you want to read lots more of these parodies, go read this thread. Some are good,. some aren't, and some of the songs I don't know so it's hard to tell.


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

Very cool lol. I loved the "Modern Major General" one the most. I had the original song memorized when I was younger :).

See you TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!


Luke said...

"I am the very model of a NaNoWriMo Novelist"