Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Review - Eleventh Week

  • We read Romans 15-16 and Acts 21-22, continuing with our study of Paul. We read about four pages from Making Brothers and Sister Best Friends.
  • We sang our November songs - Trust and Obey and Jesus is Alive.
  • We had Family Prayer each day.
  • David worked on Lesson 30 (rational & irrational numbers) in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra. He will finish this book next week!
  • Emily began Lesson 24 (double digit multiplication with regrouping) in Gamma.
  • James finished Lesson 10 in Gamma (Multiply by 9). and took the test.
  • Suzy finished Lesson 11 in Alpha (shapes and skip counting x2) and took the test.
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • Literature study is suspended for the month.
  • All the children did silent reading every day (their choice of books).
  • We are continuing with The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. We should finish it next week.
Language Arts - Writing
  • Each child worked on writing their novels. Word counts are as follows:
  • David - 4048 (REACHED HALFWAY MARK! Goal is 8000)
  • Emily - 1848 but I think she's written more that I haven't counted. (Her goal is 7000)
  • James - 746 and 2 illustrations (I'm going to spend a lot of time with James this coming week. He needs more help than I've been giving him in order to achieve his goal of 3000.)
  • Suzy - 306 and 4 illustrations (reached HALFWAY MARK! Goal is 600)
  • Mom - my word count is at 39509 and I am more than halfway to my goal of 75,000!
Language Arts - Other
  • Suspended for November.
  • David worked on Module 4. He did 3 experiments and all of the reading, as well as completing the study guide. He has one experiment which we need to obtain test tubes for. Then all that is left is the test.
  • Emily, James and Suzanne had the week off from Science. We need to find some feathers before we can go on. Pam???? Any feathers over there?
  • David didn't have his next history book until today, so he worked double on Science. Today he did two lessons, though - He read Chapters 1-5 and the Preface in History of Us: Book 3 (by Joy Hakim). The main topic was the French and Indian War.
  • The younger children learned about Diocletian (and the Division of the Roman Empire and persecution of Christians), Constantine I (and the reunification of the Roman Empire, the Council of Nicaea) and the Golden Age of India.
Other activities
  • No field trips, no co-op, no art class. Nice calm week for writing!
  • James and Suzy went to a free soccer training clinic that was offered nearby.
  • David and James went to Chess Club.

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