Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekly Review - Ninth Week

  • We read Romans 1-8. We didn't discuss it much. It's quite heavy subject matter and just reading through it was enough at this point. We didn't do anything from Making Brothers and Sister Best Friends but I am hoping to read a few pages on Sunday.
  • We also continued singing our October songs - The Old Rugged Cross and Great and Mighty is He.

  • David finished Lesson 28 (also the Honors lesson) and started Lesson 29 (measurement) in Math-U-See Pre-Algebra. He just has one more lesson to go and then he'll move on to ALGEBRA!
  • Emily worked on Lesson 23 in Gamma and it's a hard concept - double digit multiplication (2 digits top and bottom). She still is working on it, although she should have completed it by Friday.
  • James worked on Lesson 9 in Gamma (Skip Count by 9, Multiples in Equivalent Fractions).
  • Suzy worked on Lesson 10 in Alpha (Addition +8).

Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • David is continuing to read The Landing of the Pilgrims for Literature.
  • Emily avoided reading her chapters in Anne of Green Gables and so will have to do that next week as well as her oral comprehension questions.Tricksy child!
  • James finished The Story of Ships and is now reading Wild Horses.
  • Suzy got away with no reading aloud this week - what a bad first grade teacher I am! Actually, just distracted this week!
  • All the children did silent reading every day (their choice of books).
  • Our new read-aloud is The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. The kids LOVE it so far!
Language Arts - Writing
  • We prepared for NaNoWriMo this week by doing selections from their free workbooks. We discussed and planned characters, talked about good dialogue, discussed how to structure plot, and set our word goals.
Language Arts - Other
  • Suzy did 8 pages in Explode the Code 2.
  • James did 8 pages in Explode the Code 5.
  • David worked on Module 3.
  • Emily, James and Suzanne learned about birds this week - parts of a bird, how to identify a bird, different bird colorations, songs, etc...
  • David worked on History of US Book 2 - read Chapters 24-31 and did the mapwork for those pages.
  • The younger children did not have History this week.
Other activities
  • We went on a field trip to visit a TV station. This was one of the best field trips we've ever done. (And it was FREE!)
  • We also did a service project - raked a yard for an hour and bagged the leaves.
  • The older 3 kids had art class on Wednesday afternoon for 3 hours. They worked on pen and ink drawings of a rooster.
  • The 3 younger children did Creativity Express art appreciation software for 30 minutes. All worked on typing instruction one day as well (Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing).
What's Coming Up
November is going to be writing month here at Cornerstone Academy, as I've mentioned. We will keep doing Math and Content Area subjects, though. I've structured their assignments differently. Instead of weekly assignment sheets, I've given them a whole month's assignments at once, so they will have a little more freedom with when to write and when to do math. The three younger do History/Science with me, so they won't have to decide when that occurs - I decide it! David is very good at working independently!

Don't look for a lot here during NaNoWriMo, though! From November 1-30, my focus will be on writing my novel. I am aiming for 75K this year! Can I do it??? Well, not if I blog as much as I normally do! lol

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