Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook - November 24

Just a note that I posted my weekly review, but I put it UNDER the daybook post, so it falls before this week begins. So, page down for that one.

For Today... November 24, 2008

Outside my Window... It's snowing quite heavily! Big fluffy flakes falling slowly. The road is covered and there are a few tire tracks.

I am thinking... about how I am going to fit writing in. About the weather and will it affect any of our plans this week. About a play date my son is going on today. About my plot problem in my novel.

From the learning rooms... Our bunny died in the night. I guess we're just not destined to be a pet family.

I am thankful for... Collision insurance! My car was totalled on Tuesday. (It was parked at the time. No one was hurt.)

From the kitchen... we picked up our Angel Food order on Saturday, so the pantry and freezer are filled! I am not sure what I'll make, but there are lots of choices!

I am wearing... Jeans - my favorite beat up pair, long sleeved red t-shirt with the Mackinac Bridge on it, white socks, white house shoes, hair combed but nothing else, no makeup

I am reading... (still listening to) the audiobook of The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (#5 in Outlander series). I will soon finish No Plot? No Problem by Chris Baty (NaNoWriMo founder). I haven't read the Bible for personal devotions in a couple weeks, although I am reading it to the kids, so I need to get back to that. I am also slowly reading Sense & Sensibility.

I am hoping... that we get a good amount from our insurance for our totalled car. Also that we can find a good used gas dryer and a good used vacuum.

I am creating... a novel! I am at 60,004 words! Wanna join me? NANOWRIMO It's not too late!

I am hearing... James grunting as he makes something from clay. Discussion about the clay. A siren in the distance. The furnace running. (Another thanks!)

Around the house... Clothes are hanging all over the house to dry since the dryer is not usable.

One of my favorite things... My Flip video camera! It's cute and easy to use. (Even Suzy can do it!) It takes pretty good video. It's affordable.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Playdate for James today, spending time with friends tomorrow, making pies for Thanksgiving, driving across the state to spend a few days with family

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
Here I am in my makeshift office. As I told you - ugly but effective. It's just two pieces of paneling propped up around my computer. With that and my noise-canceling headphones though, I can be in my own little writing world. You can see the insulated curtain Bob put up for me to block the draft from that window. Also my LOTR calendar from 2005 that I just keep turning the pages on since I like the pictures.


MICHELE said...

I'm glad you have collision insurance, too!

I like your office! It looks like it gives you just enough privacy...yet, still able to peek out and see what's going on!

Quit reading this comment and GET BACK TO WRITING YOUR NOVEL!


Denise said...

Your makeshift office seems to do the job just fine. Let's hope for that new dryer and a great amount for your car! I'm looking forward to seeing you this week.