Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook - November 17

For Today... November 17, 2008

Outside my Window... White stuff all over the ground and trees. I think it's called.... snow??

I am thinking... that I hate winter. And that I should get some coffee. And get dressed. Man, I am moving slow today. Only 5 hours of sleep.

From the learning rooms... The kids are working on their novels! Also, we now have a replacement newt.

I am thankful for... central heating!

From the kitchen... Bob made molasses cookies Sunday night. Also, there's COFFEE out there....... I need some.....

I am wearing... my PJ's still - grey long-sleeved top, navy lounge pants, burgundy fleece robe, and my black slippers. No socks - lost them somewhere along the way.

I am reading... (listening to) the audiobook of The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (#5 in Outlander series). I have read the Week 3 installment of No Plot? No Problem by Chris Baty (NaNoWriMo founder). Still reading Psalms in The Message (or maybe I should say "not reading"). I may reread Northanger Abbey this week.

I am hoping... to get all caught up with our Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) assignments and to-do list this week.

I am creating... a novel! I am at 48,356 words! Wanna join me? NANOWRIMO It's not too late!

I am hearing... Suzy talking to Emily "Remember last winter? We made that humongous head in the side-yard!" (Yes, she said head! lol)

Around the house... I framed the kids' portraits in 2 floating frame thingies. Bob took the boys a while ago to go pick up a loft bed from a freecycler, so that will be around the house later this morning.

One of my favorite things... making charts and lists. I'd be pretty organized if I followed all my systems!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
BUSY week. IEW writing meeting for me Monday night. Tuesday night the girls have Keepers at Home club. Wednesday night is church activities. Thursday at midnight I am going with friends to see Twilight. And then we have co-op on Friday. Saturday 3 of the kids are going to a road rally our homeschool group is doing. Aiming for 2500 words of writing each day, plus working with the kids to get their books close to the end.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
To understand it, go here.


Lisa said...

I'm the same way about lists! If I got done everything I had in my nhotebook, I'd be one organized woman! Blessings today!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Just came over from the Simple Woman blog. I've never heard of NANOWRIMO; it sounds really cool. I might give it a try:)

Jen said...

I enjoyed your daybook. Have a great day!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed your daybook ;)

My Daybook

Christine said...

Laughing at your comment on lists...Amen! This has been fun visiting some of the Simple daybooks. Thanks for sharing.