Monday, November 16, 2009

The question is.....

Here are the answers. Can you guess the question?
  • Painted the dining room
  • Scrubbed the linoleum on my hands and knees
  • Painted a cabinet
  • Painted the picnic table
  • Rearranged the entire living room
  • Ironed 3 valances and 7 shirts
  • Sorted through all the VHS tapes
  • Started reading two books
  • Watched two movies
  • Played countless rounds of Word Twist
So, what's the question? Did you guess it?

The question is:
What has Lisa done lately INSTEAD of writing?

Yep, I haven't done any writing today. Or yesterday. Or most of Saturday.

Back to it Tuesday. Really.

Unless there are more shirts to iron.....

1 comment:

~Byn There said...

Hee hee. I knew it before I read 'can you guess'.
I'm going to hang at Starbucks with my notebook during YM care to join me?