Friday, November 13, 2009

NaNo Day Thirteen

End of Day 13

Lisa - 20,729
David - 15,167
Emily - ????
James - 708
Suzy - 964

We're not even halfway through the month! Wow, seems like these first thirteen days have lasted a long time!

I didn't write today. Bob was home today, other than running a few errands. I did some lessons with the kids, went to the library and the post office, helped James and Suzy paint a piece of furniture we are going to use to put the "new" TV on, made a Mexican casserole for dinner, worked on the bills, and then started on my insane new project. So, no words for me today.

Plus, my book is BO-RING.

Emily still hasn't brought me her writing, but not for lack of me asking or lack of her having some.

James wanted to write today, but things never coalesced for him. So no new words for him either. He's a little behind, but he was sick this week, after all.

David is the writing MACHINE. Right now his characters are driving cross-country.

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