Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNo Day Eight (and Seven)

End of Day 8

Lisa - 14, 717
David - 9,555
Emily - 720 (didn't write this weekend)
James - 409 + ? (didn't write this weekend)
Suzy - 271 (didn't write this weekend)

I'm ahead of where I should be for Sunday night (13346), but not by much. The gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS weather made other plans for me.

I had planned to write Saturday and wrote NOTHING. I had hoped to catch up for that and then some, by writing 5000 words Sunday, but I was able to jot down just 2500. OK, that's not so shabby, but only half of what I'd hoped for. Still, there's always tomorrow, at least until November 30.

David is ROCKING the word count, though. His original goal was 9,000, but when he started writing so much, I asked him if he thought he could write 1,000 every 'school day'. He agreed, so we went with 16,000. He's already almost at 10,000. He's been writing about 1000 EVERY day, not just our lesson days. He even skipped youth group tonight in favor of writing.

The other kids are not so gung-ho, so no worries that we are Super Writer Family or anything so amazing. They'll write again Monday, but for some it will be like pulling teeth. And for the others, it will be ok probably, but they'll hit their goal and probably stop.

And it's a good thing our Inner Editors have gone on vacation for the month of November or mine and David's would really be having issues! LOL But I'm letting it go. January will be soon enough to deal with editing. That's not what NaNo is for.


MICHELE said...

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Today, too.

I'm have tempted to give Tommie the entire day off.. just to enjoy the outside. If Brad decides to shingle the barn roof.. then I will push the lessons aside and he can help dad.... (and I can have the day off, too!)

Keep up the great work on NaNo!


~Byn There said...

Something about keeping to a timeline seems to throw us all off. Fox opted not to do YW NaNo this year but he's been working on a novel for the past month. At conferences his teachers told me when he's done with his work he sits quietly and works on his story. They think it's awesome. He even asked his English teacher if he can go to the computer lab and starting typing in and he said he could probably work it out for him to do that during 'down time.'

I'm pluggin away but not stressing over it. Just for fun you know.