Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNo Day Ten (and Nine)

End of Day 10

Lisa - 17,024
David - 12,001
Emily - 720 + unknown handwritten amount
James - 558
Suzy - 765

I only wrote 34 words on Monday. I had time to write in the evening, but I just didn't feel like focusing on it. Mondays are hard. But tonight, I came back to write over 2000 words, so I am back on target. I need to be at 23,000 by the weekend for a reward I want to give myself, so I better get crackin'!

David is still on fire! He's almost on track with the 50K writers. He's already passed the 9000 word goal I had set for him and will hit his 16K goal very soon. Maybe by the weekend?

Emily is writing away in her notebook, but since she won't let me read it, I can't type it. Therefore, I have no idea how far she's getting. Maybe she can spend some time typing it tomorrow, or maybe she'll relent and let me type.

James has finished the plot idea he thought of, and he's still 2400 shy of meeting his goal. So he and I have conferenced ideas on what else he could add. He'll be working on that tomorrow, as long as he feels good enough.

Suzy is dictating to me, so her word count is higher than James (who writes everything by hand and then reads it aloud to me so I can transcribe). She enjoys writing her story. It makes her laugh. Hearing it read back makes her laugh too. Sometimes uproariously. So I guess it's a good experience!

Today we had a couple friends write with us here in the afternoon for an hour or so. It was hard to get anything done with the kids around! LOL And they were supposed to be writing too!

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MICHELE said...

I wish we could read some of your work, Lisa!!