Saturday, November 28, 2009

NaNo Day Twenty-eight

NaNo Day 28
Lisa - 47,581
David - 27,000
Emily - 4,439
James - 3303
Suzy - 2004

It's almost over! Two more days and the NaNoInsanity will be over for another year. I am re-energized for writing, even though I don't particularly find my story enthralling this year. I hope my kids will like it and have some suggestions for me.

But the good thing? I can't wait to get back to my other projects. FORGET-ME-NOT needs a little tweaking and then more querying. A friend gave me some written suggestions to consider and another friend has read it recently and wants to chat with me about it. So hopefully I can polish that up more. MYSTERY VALLEY RANCH is in the last stages of editing, but I lost my momentum there. So maybe I can get back to that. And GOD-KING'S BRIDE, my Egyptian novella, needs to be expanded into a full-length romance. So, I will get back to those projects and on to my goal of publication.

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