Sunday, November 22, 2009

NaNo Day Twenty-two

End of Day 22
Lisa - 32, 201
David - 20,410
Emily - over 1000 typed
James - 1503
Suzy - 1578

I didn't write anything for several days. I've been very good at wasting time. I was bound and determined to get a lot done today though. I wrote over 5500 so that does a lot toward getting me back on track. I should be at 36,673, so I'm not quite there.

David also is working hard to stay on his track of 1000 wpd.

Emily is back typing again, uncowed by the loss of her typed work. Good thing she kept her handwritten copy.

James dictated quite a bit to me today, as well as typing some himself. Suzy also dictated some to me.

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