Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Even if you don't observe Halloween, you can still take advantage of the awesome clearance deals afterwards. Walmart yesterday had all their Halloween merchandise marked down 90%! Shelves were still crowded with candy, makeup, costumes, and decorations.

Although we go trick-or-treating, we don't decorate for Halloween, so I skipped right past all of that. But the candy is good, whether or not it has skulls on it. And costumes are fun all year, right?

Here's what we came home with:
  • 10 "trick or treat" bags that I'll use for easy-peasy gift wrap - 10 cents each!
  • 12 glow sticks (3 different colors) - my kids love these for Christmas or camping - 10 cents each!
  • 4 plastic beakers with Halloween "sweetart" candy inside - 30 cents each! (Who would pay $3 for these???)
  • 8 chocolate lollipops with Halloween pictures on them - 10 cents each!
If my arithmetic is correct, that's $4.20 for that haul of stuff. Have you checked how much gift wrap costs lately? If I'd have purchased 4 glow sticks for my children's Christmas stockings, that would have been $4 right there. I'm really pleased!

OH YEAH - I forgot! I also bought two blond wigs for the girls for NaNo rewards (.60 each = 1.20) and a sparkly makeup set Suzy wanted for a NaNo reward (.40). I also picked out a stick-on handlebar mustache for 50 cents. Figured that might come in handy someday.

So, grand total was $6.30 plus tax! Lots of fun and sweetness!

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Anonymous said...

Love those bargains!! Mom