Thursday, November 26, 2009

NaNo Day Twenty-six

NaNo Day 26
Lisa - 40,500
David - 23,000 (approx)
Emily - 2,800
James - 2402
Suzy - 1778

Another 5000 word day! I have 9500 to write by Monday night. 2375 per day. I am going to aim for 5000 again tomorrow and then I should be able to finish Saturday or maybe Sunday. Well, 'finish' is a relative term. But in this case, I mean achieve 50K.

James has to write 400 words each day to make his goal. I think he can do it, as long as he's dictating most of it to me.

Emily has been typing away, but she types very slow. I don't know if she'll make her goal, but she is giving it a good try!

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