Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNo Day Eleven

End of Day 11

Lisa - 18,703
David - 13,002
Emily - 720 + U.H.A. (no writing today)
James - 558 (no writing today)
Suzy - 765 (no writing today)

I got up at a decent time today, and then looked at my laptop thinking, "Wow, I could probably write an hour before I have to do lessons with the kids." Then I remembered poor James and his symptoms and figured I should see if the doctor's office was open yet. Yes, they're open and bring him in at 9:15. So much for my early writing. And the day was filled from there on. I didn't actually sit down to write until about 10:30, but I still logged 1400 words before midnight.

David bore the brunt of the child care today - while I was at the doctor for 90 minutes with James, while I took Emily to get James his medicine and do some errands, and then again when I went for a run. So, he didn't get any writing done during the day either, although he started when I did and churned out ONE THOUSAND WORDS! He is awesome, isn't he? :-)

Oh yeah, and when I got home from the doctor with James, I looked at Suzy and saw bright red cheeks, so red I figured she'd been into the play makeup. But no, it didn't wash off. I knew right away - Fifth Disease (aka human parvovirus). I didn't take her in; there's no treatment. So that has to run its course. Then I had to go get the meds and some foodstuffs, and by then the day was mostly over. So the little kids didn't get any writing done either. Tomorrow we are staying HOME. Nobody else better get anything that requires medical attention.


Niffercoo said...

Where do you find these comics? They are really cute!

Here's hoping for healthy(er) kids today and lots of writing!!

Wee Pip said...

Think of it this way, you may not be writing, but you are building your children's immune systems. And that is pretty darn important;) David is awesome. Keep kicking out those words! And you, too! I wish I were really writing this year (big heavy sigh). But I'm learning that there are seasons for everything. This year is "baby" & "accomplish nothing" season. Nano season will come for me again!