Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekly Review - Week 24

Our week included just 3 full days of lessons (Mon-Wed). Thursday we went on a field trip to Red Robin, although I did have the kids each do math and literature that day. (Will blog about that field trip tomorrow.) Friday was co-op. All the kids were invited to sleepovers Friday night, so Mom and Dad had "parent-teacher conferences". :-D

This was a week that I dropped the ball in Bible time. We met just twice this week for Bible study - once to read part of the Brothers and Sisters book and once to read 2 Kings 23-24. I do want to add that I really am pleased with the kids' singing once they start to get the hang of the songs. Even (especially?) David sings, and we usually sing a capella. Only twice this week is totally my fault in not getting started at the right time and then just skipping it, which is lazy. Next week, I'll work harder, but I won't double up lessons to "catch up".

In Algebra I, David learned the Cartesian coordinate system (also called rectangular coordinate system; you know, with x-coordinates and y-coordinates). He took the test and did the honors lesson. He finished his literature book Streams to the River, Streams to the Sea (which was about Sacagawea). He finished his Science module on the earth and the lithosphere and took the test. He's been listening to Book 5 of History of US on audio this week, but is way behind on History. I did assign him much more than usual and we were behind a week waiting on the audiobook from the library. Not sure what I'll do about that.

Emily finished her literature book King of the Wind (about an Arabian horse) and is writing a book review. Her math lesson was on prime and composite numbers and multiplication by 12. Subject/Verb agreement was the grammar lesson this week for both David and Emily. They also watched the instructional DVD for lesson 11 in their writing curriculum which was about report writing.

James' math lesson was on multiplication by 7 and also by multiples of 100. He is reading the book Fish do the Strangest Things and writing about it in his literature journal. He loves this series of books! I highly recommend it for a young reader. In Explode the Code 6, he has been working on "ie" words.

Suzy started subtraction last week and continued working on that concept this week with the focus being -0 and -1. She read several Bob Books this week and wrote about them in her literature journal. She has almost finished Explode the Code 2, in which she has been studying final consonant blends. In Alphabet Island phonics, we have FINALLY reached long vowels.

Spelling words and communication journals went on as usual, as did handwriting, typing, and computer art. They usually work in a program called ArtRage and I just allow them freeplay in the program. They are learning to use the tools in the program and this will carry over to other drawing/editing/art programs.

Birds' nests and eggs were the topic in the younger kids' Science this week and they've gathered the materials to make their own nests, although they haven't actually done it yet. Maybe tonight. They also illustrated 6 kinds of nests and explored the inside of an egg. Bob is working with them on making a bird house.

We also made up one lesson in History from last week, to get caught up. We read a rather long lesson about the Mohammad's life and the birth of Islam.

The crackers are the Scrabble Cheez-it ones I mentioned in my Daybook. Emily is doing her Spelling using the modified Spelling Power review sheet I like better than the booklets the company sells. Bob is looking at the science book to figure out what he needs for the birdhouse.

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Wee Pip said...

Great week (but **gasp!!** about Bible, LOL - just kidding!) The "fish do the strangest things" sounds interesting, wonder if my kids would like them. Oh the joys of subtraction...that is my least fav thing to teach, I think (it seems to take a lot of brain power from my kids).