Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Rhythm of a Day

I have had conversations with several friends recently that brought home to me the fact that each family has its own unique rhythm to a day. I thought I'd give you an idea of what sort of basic events happen in what order in our home on a day when we have no outside commitments.

Sometime around 8 or 8:30 everyone gets up. If I am exercising, I try to get up a little earlier (alarm goes off at 7:30), but I don't always do very well with this. Everyone has to be dressed, fed, and groomed by 9:30.

Usually at 9:30, we start our Bible time, which includes singing, reading the Bible, and praying as a family. I usually try to follow this with any other subjects that need to be done as a group (History, Science).

I spend the rest of the morning overseeing lessons, giving one-on-one time to each student as needed. Most of their work is independent, given on their assignment sheets. I have to make sure to leave time to do Spelling with 3 kids, to do Phonics & Reading with Suzy, to go over David's comprehension questions with him, and anything else that needs my assistance. I also check their work as we go along. Bob handles the math lessons during this time and sometimes pitches in with other items. They usually have a snack around 11, but they don't get a break from lessons. (ie: No recess)

Around 12:30 I start thinking about lunch and we aim to have it on the table at 1:00. Yes, that's late, but I'd rather get more done during the AM because of my afternoon writing schedule. Usually the bulk of David and Emily's work is done before lunch and most days Suzy and James are all finished by then.

During lunch, I read a chapter aloud from our current book and then supervise the clean-up.

I try to be sitting at the computer writing by 2pm, but quite often it's more like 2:30-3:00 before I can actually buckle down to writing. I try to write until 5pm, taking a break for a snack around 3:30 and also making any necessary preparations for dinner. I take periodic motivational breaks, like playing a round of a word game every 500 words. I also check email throughout the afternoon. During my work time, Bob is in charge.

I stop writing around 5pm and finish dinner prep (along with 2 of the kids), aiming to have dinner on the table at 6pm. After dinner, the clean-up team (the other 2 kids) gets the kitchen and dining room in ship-shape, and we move on to whatever activities happen in the evening. That may include baths, church activities, meetings, library visits, soccer practices or games, or watching DVD's, among other things.

Bedtime for the little kids is at 8:30 and Emily (age 11) is at 9:00. David (age 14) is supposed to be in bed at 10, with no audio after 11. I am aiming for an 11:30 bedtime currently, but in practice it's more like 12:10 am. lol

What does the rhythm of YOUR day hold?


Denise said...

It's interesting reading about how your days generally go. Man, I'd be heading out to the local library or somewhere if I had to write, can you do that to avoid the interruptions & dinner stuff?

MICHELE said...

We start at 9:30 each day... take plenty of breaks, lunch at noon, and usually finished by 2 or 3, each day.