Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check out JellyTelly

VeggieTales founder, creative genius, and all-around good guy Phil Vischer has launched an online children's TV network called JellyTelly. The free network, which streams programming 24/7, is aimed at kids ages 5-11.

In an introductory video to parents on the website, after noting how many hours kids spend in front of the TV -- especially the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon -- Vischer says, "Is it any wonder that our kids are growing up knowing more about Hannah Montana than about the Apostle Paul? Or that they're more emotionally engaged in the outcome of American Idol than in the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the work of the church around the world?

"JellyTelly is a way to bring the Bible to life for kids on a daily basis, to show them the work of the church around the world and the role they can play in it, to teach their faith and what it looks like to live it."

If anyone can get through to children through the means of visual media and new technologies, it's Phil Vischer. May God bless this latest endeavor.

From: Movie blog at Christianity Today

From Lisa: We watched a selection of programming at JellyTelly today. My kids enjoyed it a lot, even the almost 12 and 14 year olds. The Moody Science video that was adapted for the show was a little long and complex for my younger two, but my older ones watched the entire thing. It's short and funny (think Sesame Street mixed with Veggie Tales), but filled with good content as well. Give it a try. It's streaming video, so if you don't have high-speed internet (I feel your pain), you may have trouble getting it to work.

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