Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Robin Field trip

What an awesome field trip! 25 children were able to sign up for this tour of the Red Robin restaurant which included a free kids meal for each one! Our tour guides split us into two groups and we toured the restaurant, getting a close-up view of the storage areas, the carbonation canister, the employee "lounge", the refrigerators, the fry area, the prep area, the "expediting" area and the entire seating area. They got to wear hair nets, aprons, and rubber gloves (all optional) and then to wash their hands at the employee work station. Each one got to pour his or her own fountain pop and then choose one of the many choices off the kids' menu. Everyone was well-behaved and I know *I* learned a lot. I hadn't eaten at Red Robin before but really enjoyed my tasty Chicken wrap, though it was on the pricy side for lunch.

In the pix, Suzy is wearing a candy pink sweater, Emily is wearing a short sleeved dark red shirt, James is in a dark blue sweatshirt, and David is one of the really tall ones and is wearing a black hoodie with a white print. James ended up in the other group so he wasn't in too many of my pix.

I took two more kids along with us, so I had a total of six kids with me, but I got to eat at a table with my friends. It was fun!


MICHELE said...

Looks like a really nice fieldtrip! I bet the kids loved it.


Jimmie said...

Field trip to a restaurant. Brilliant! and yummy too!