Saturday, February 7, 2009

Co-op Classes are Cool!

Homeschool co-op was Friday. We've belonged to our co-op for 4-1/2 years now; I started it back then along with a few other families. (If you want to know how to do co-op, check out my e-book. Link to the left.)

This year I am teaching a class called Glass Slipper, which focuses on multicultural Cinderella stories. This week we read The Golden Slipper, a Vietnamese version of the story. Then we did watercolor pictures of a rooster, mimicking one in the story. I had the students trace a black-and-white outline of a rooster with a grey crayon, to imitate the style of art in the story (see cover illustration). Then they were given real watercolor paints (from tubes) and encouraged to fill in their crayoned outline.

I am also teaching a class in which the students are writing and illustrating their own books. This week was taken up with summarizing what should be completed already and working on book jackets .

The Cards class teacher was absent and I volunteered to take her place and taught the students how to play Minorca. This is a crazy addictive game that my friend Vicki taught us several years ago. She is apparently the only person in the world who calls it that since googling that word comes up with nothing. Some people call it Speed or Spit and play with slightly different rules. Anyway, Maryann and I SHOWED the kids how to play - let the masters demonstrate, children! LOL

My kids enjoy co-op and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

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Wee Pip said...

The art project sounds really neat! I'd love to learn how to play your addictive card game:) I generally don't like card games, but when my daughter taught me Go Fish, I was hooked (no pun intended). I know that sounds funny that Go Fish is my fav game...but its so easy, and I just love seeing how all the cards match up at the end!