Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly Review - Week 22

Since I cannot concentrate on writing until the kids are in bed, I guess I'll do my weekly review. We have co-op tomorrow and that means our lessons for the week are done. They may have a little "homework" to finish up on Saturday, but I'm not up to checking the work right now. It's been a HECK of an afternoon. :::brave smile:::

I also took NO PHOTOS of lessons this week, so the old style review returns for a bow.

David supervised lessons on Wednesday morning since Bob and I both had an errand. We came home to find ALL assigned work completed! WOW! Great job, David!

  • We started two new songs: Shine Jesus Shine and Since Jesus Came Into My Heart. We also reviewed 3 previously learned songs.
  • We read part of Chapter 4 of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
  • We had family prayer time Mon-Wed. And hope to do it Friday before co-op.
  • We read 2 Kings 16-17 and selections from the books of Amos and Hosea.
  • David worked on Lesson 5 (Cartesian Coordinates - graphing) in Algebra 1.
  • Emily began Lesson 28 in Gamma (multiple digit multiplication). Bob worked one-on-one with her most of the way.
  • James finished Lesson 16 (Multiply by 4, 4 Quarters = 1 Dollar) in Gamma and took the test. He began Lesson 17 (Skip Count by 7 and Multiplication by Multiples of 10) and did 2 pages.
  • Suzy finished Lesson 17 (Addition of the Extras, 3+5, 4+7, 5+7) in Alpha, took the test, and started Lesson 18 (Introduction to Subtraction).
Language Arts - Literature and Reading
  • David read Chapters 1-8 of Streams to the River, Streams to the Sea by Scott O'Dell, answered comprehension questions for some of it and wrote a summary for another part. (This book is about Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark.
  • David is also reading a book on manners for teens. He's thrilled, let me tell you. He read the intro and Chapters 1-2.
  • Emily read Chapters 1-8 of King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry and answered comprehension questions online. She has some homework to do on Saturday with this book.
  • James did 4 Read and Think Skill Sheets (A Beka).He is getting very good at answering the comprehension questions now.
  • James read pp26-51 from Birds Do the Strangest Things and wrote each day in his literature journal about it.
  • Suzy read pp12-27 in the old reader We Live on a Farm and wrote in her literature journal.
  • Suzy has been working on the two sounds of C and the two sounds of G in Alphabet Island Phonics.
  • James and Suzy each did 8 pages in their Explode the Code books.
  • Everyone did some silent reading throughout the week.
Language Arts - Writing
  • David and Emily began Lesson 10 in IEW: SWI-B (Institute for Excellence in Writing: Student Writing Intensive, Junior High Level). This lesson is on sentence openers and story-writing.
  • Everyone wrote in their Communication Journals (writing back and forth to me).
  • Everyone wrote a letter.
Language Arts - Other
  • David and Emily both did several pages in Easy Grammar about irregular verbs.
  • David, Emily, and James each did 3 lessons in Spelling Power.
  • James and Suzy did 2 pages of penmanship. Suzy started cursive this week, at her request, and she was thrilled!
  • David worked on Apologia Physical Science Module 6 which is on the earth and the lithosphere. He did some comprehension questions.
  • Emily, James, and Suzy studied the nesting habits of birds in Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.
  • David had the week off from History. He is awaiting an audiobook.
  • Emily, James, and Suzy had the week off History.
Other activities
  • Most of the kids worked on the computer for art and typing.
  • The two younger kids went to Pioneer Club and each one brought a friend.
  • James went to soccer training clinic on Tuesday night.
  • The three oldest had art class on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Everyone had a dental appointment on Thursday afternoon.

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