Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Working with Fondant Icing

Several people expressed interest in how it was to work with the fondant for Suzy's birthday cake. If that was you, you're in luck, since I had James take some photos of us creating the cake. Each [hoto has captions describing what we did.

The fondant was much easier to work with than I had anticipated. However, it was also more expensive than I anticipated. I bought a 2 lb. container for about $14.00. We only used about half of it though. What I bought was Satin Ice fondant. They had smaller packs of several colors of Wilson fondant, but it didn't fit what we needed. A brochure came along with it that helped me figure out what to do. As I said, it wasn't too intimidating.

The funny thing? Suzy didn't EAT any of the cake. She only wanted ice cream. Oh well! LOL


Niffercoo said...

Maybe you have a future in making fancy cakes!!

~Byn There said...

Miss you too. We'll try to make it to a park day or beach day this summer but first we need to get through baseball and the boys' annual camping trip with the grandparents (my vacation @ home). Sounds like things are going well with you. Blessings!

Denise said...

That looks like fun to make. I've never made a "fun" cake for my kids, one day I want to. And I like those cake shows that are on TV now, fun, fun.

Holly said...

I love it!