Tuesday, June 2, 2009

James' Curriculum

The unusual thing about James is that he started kindergarten in January just after he turned 5. That's when he was ready, so that's when we started. However, that means he has changed grade levels (as much as that matters to me, which is to say NOT much) in January. So he is in 4th grade now and will continue to be in 4th grade until Christmastime.

- James will finish Gamma over the summer and start Delta as soon as he is done. He finds math pretty easy, but still struggles with a few of the multiplication facts, so we'll make sure those are memorized perfectly by fall.

LANGUAGE ARTS - James will continue with what he's been doing. Reading real books and writing about them in his literature journal. Some written comprehension questions. Spelling Power. Penmanship (cursive). Writing letters. I'll increase the amount of work and the difficulty, as well as expect more.

SCIENCE - I don't know yet what James and Suzy will do for Science. It won't be Apologia! lol

SOCIAL STUDIES - We'll continue with Mystery of History 2 and hopefully move into volume 3 before the year is out. We'll be resuming our chronological study somewhere around the year 1000.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH - James will play fall and spring soccer at the U10 level again next year. He will likely take a PE class at co-op (every other week). I am thinking about putting him in wrestling, and if you've ever seen him, you know he's built to play football. I know we are not ready for that level of commitment yet though.

VISUAL, PERFORMING & APPLIED ARTS - James will continue his monthly art class with Mr. West and probably take an art class at co-op. Other than that, we'll continue with our home art projects and crafts. We do lots of singing around here, but formal music lessons aren't a priority for any of us. If James shows an interest, we'll follow up.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Probably none, but maybe I'll get brave and start doing Spanish again.

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