Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 8

For Today... June 8, 2009

Outside my window... a steady rain, empty trash cans

I am thinking... am I? I don't think I am yet.

From the learning rooms... the completed Sun and Fun program (shamelessly stolen from my friend Jennifer and already posted by me last night)

I am thankful for... Freecycle! Check it out. I got two pair of cross-country skis and some tart pans this weekend.

From the kitchen... a completely filled in menu - leftover chili and cornbread for lunch today

I am wearing... jeans, Batman tee, pink sweatshirt (because I'm COLD), black socks, wet hair, no makeup (Not going ANYWHERE today)

I am reading... The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde and Mr. Knightley's Diary (one of the Austen men diaries) by Amanda Grange. I didn't read Perelandra yet, either, so maybe that will happen this week.

I've been watching... Pollyanna (2003), He's Just Not That Into You, Speed Racer

I am hoping... that I like running outside as well as I like running in place in front of the TV. What I'm afraid of though, is that I will find it dull. Gotta crank the tunes and pound the pavement, starting this week or next, in preparation for camping week when I won't HAVE the opportunity to run in front of the TV.

I am creating... Working on my queries and editing Mystery Valley Ranch

I am hearing... James playing with the set of Omagles building toys we got at a garage sale and he's singing a Veggie Tales song while he plays. Bob is joining in with the song.

Around the house... We've popped the camper to air it out in preparation for the camping season. It looks like it survived the winter quite nicely. Also I think we're going to start painting the second coat on the house this week. More Melted Butter!

One of my favorite things... a relaxed rainy day, like today!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Work every day, meeting with the soccer board, soccer field maintenance day, and BOOK CLUB!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.
I rode the penny horse at Meijer when I was a kid. It's still a penny! (I don't know why she's making that scared face; she wasn't scared!)


Anonymous said...

Cornbread and chili is one of my favorites! Love, Mom

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i don't know why but the picture makes me laugh.

wet hair and no make up here either. but i am going to PT... so perhaps I will have to slap on some make-up..nah..who cares.