Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sun and Fun

Sun and Fun
We finished our "school year" back before Memorial Day, but I like to keep the learning going throughout the summer. An incentive plan helps to keep motivation high!

I've always looked on my friend Jennifer's Sun and Fun plan as a great idea. My own summer learning has never really been very organized, unless we were just continuing our "school year" all summer long. So, this year, I stole her idea (with her permission!) and modified her Sun and Fun for use with my own kids.

My goals for them this summer are to keep current on math, to keep reading and writing skills sharp, and to do some map skills that we don't make time for during the school year. So, I created a list of goals that the kids can do to earn a sun. My list is the same for all the kids, but they will work on their own levels.

These are their possible assignments: Do a mapwork page, Do a math page, Read for 30 minutes and write a summary. Read for 30 minutes and narrate a summary, Write a letter, Write in your communication journal, Listen to a whole audiobook, Memorize a Bible verse (new one).

I asked the kids for some input on rewards and got some ideas and then added some of my own. Setting the prices was the hardest part, I think. But I set them high and I can put them on sale, if needed.

Here are a few of the rewards. Candy bar, pack of gum, Slushie, watch a DVD – your choice, 1 hour computer game time, 12 pack pop, Trip to McDonald's, Poster, Invite a friend to spend the night, Tracfone card, Trip for you and a friend to the water park

The suns are that graphic up to the left, printed out quite small. I'll sign each one as I hand them out, so there's no confusion there. I printed out 60 of them to start and it's easy to print more when I run low.

I printed it all out cute with a nice font and some suns. I'll take some photos as we go along. If you want the handout, or the complete list of rewards, leave me a comment or email me.


Niffercoo said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I might borrow some of your incentive ideas next summer! :)

MICHELE said...

Excellent ideas!

I'd spend the summer doing map work... and cashing in on the slushies!!!!

Happy rainy Monday,

Denise said...

OH, wow, sounds great! I need to get going on our reward system. I like that you actually have prizes, I was just thinking money. hmmmm....