Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nature Scavenger Hunt

My friend Michele organized a Nature Scavenger Hunt today at a local park. She emailed us all a list of things to look for, such as wild iris shoots, a female cardinal, a wooden cow near a fence, Canada geese, and much much more.

We met today at 2pm. The weather was SUPPOSED to be around 50 and sunny, but was instead about 44, mostly overcast, and quite windy. Brrr!

But we had a great time walking the mile loop around the large pond (lake?) and looking at all the things God placed around us today.

I didn't get too many pictures during the hunt as I was busy making sure no one got too close to the edge of the water, but here are a few pictures of afterwards. (None of Suzy as her group was the last one back.)

[Edited 4-20-09 - I get a lot of hits on this post and I wonder if people are here looking for a list of things to find. So, I thought I'd add the list of items we hunted for. Of course, you'll have to modify this list to fit the time of year and your geographical area, but this could be a good starting point for you. All of these could be seen in SE Michigan in March. PLEASE - if this list helps you, would you leave a comment?

Just check off what you find. leave no trace, and please don't disturb nature: blooming pussy willow's, a nest as big as your fist, a nest as big as a soup pot, a dried up-dead... red oak leaf, a dried up-dead white oak leaf, wild iris (green shoots-no flowers yet), 25 canada geese, cattail with insides bursting out!, turtle on a log, a wooden cow near a fence, a blue jay, a red winged black bird, a male cardinal, a female cardinal, a male robin (has a yellow beak and yellow ring around his eye, a canada goose sitting on top of a nest, a grey squirrel, a dead carp, a birch tree, moss growing on the North side of a rock, lichen on a log, lichen on a tree, a rock shaped like a triangle, a duck, a sea gull, a dried out milkweed pod, a dried out picky thistle plant, a cumulous cloud, BONUS: a bird making a nest]


MICHELE said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I was impressed with how involved the kids were!

We had a good turn out, didn't we?


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Maybe next time I'll get to go too!


Sadie said...

That sounds fun... cold, but fun!