Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book thongs???

Looking for an easy craft for my daughter's twelfth birthday party, I hit on the idea of making book thongs. Yes, thongs. NO, don't let your mind go THERE. Think about flip-flops. Shoes. You know. Well, anyway, here are the ones I made as samples.

I found these websites for instructions and modified them to suit the supplies I could locate. I made mine paperback book sized, but you can make them as long as necessary.

PINK THONG - I couldn't find the silver letter beads, and they're pricy besides, so I substituted pony beads. I also finished off the ends with simple knots instead of the charms. Cutting the organza ribbon on a slant prevents fraying, at least so far. Below, this thong is pictured in a book that I WON in a blog contest - Deadly Reunion by Florence Case.

BLUE THONG - I followed these instructions pretty closely and it turned out nicely! This one is pictured in our current read-aloud - Soup by Robert Newton Peck. I remember being read this book when I was young. Very short and funny chapters, and not at ALL politically correct.

I hope the girls have fun creating these bookmarks with Emily on Friday night!


Holly said...

How easy, I love a kids craft that is actually useful!

MICHELE said...

Very, very clever!
I might whip up a couple for ME!

I bet Emily is really getting excited for her party!


Wee Pip said...

I think my girls would enjoy making those - they turned out really nice! I remember reading Soup in school, but can't remember what it was about. Maybe I'll find that one for Alaithia to read. I've been trying to find slightly longer books for her to read.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are very cute! Love, Mom

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I've made these for years. Cool, fun and easy to do!

I'm still trying to get mentally ready for Sisa's 9th birthday lol!


Niffercoo said...

That's fantastic, Lisa! I've been wanting those for a long time, but they are really expensive at the stores!!

Maybe I'll have to get crafty! ;)

Pamela said...

These are great craft items. My daughter made some for her 4-H Club Leaders - we found little 4-H logo charms and put them on the very end which made them unique.

They make great gift ideas for aunts, cousins, grandparents - good for Bible markers.

I really enjoyed reading your blog today and I'd like to send you an invitation to read mine,