Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Reviews - Weeks 25 & 26

Last week, I skipped my weekly review. I'm just bored with doing them. So, instead of the usual long dull list, I'm just going to give you some highlights.

David finished a book on Sequoyah and began listening to The Red Badge of Courage. He also finished a book on teenage manners and resumed reading Why Pray? He's been recording the weather daily for a science project. In history, he's moved on to the Civil War (or the War Between the States).

The littles have been learning about eggs, so we watched some cool videos on youtube. We also tried candling an egg, but it's harder than it looks, or we had a bad egg.

In history, they learned about Andalusia (things I never ever learned) and Arabian horses, as well as the story of Beowulf and a Chinese empress named Wu Zetian.

We've started editing the kids' NaNoNovels that they wrote (or started) in November. David and Emily have also been doing alphabetizing drills.

Emily finished her math book! James has been reading Pilgrim's Progress (A Beka). Suzy is doing great on long vowel words and memorizing her new list of sight words.

I left out all the boring bits about spelling and what math each one is working on. So, if that's what you came for, so sorry! LOL But I'm guessing you don't miss it a bit.

Art class with Don West:


Denise said...

We saw an Andalusian horse at the Lipizzaner show, they are ancestors to the Lipizzaners. So my guess is that they would be from Andalusia, eh? It's cool to learn about those not so well known places.

Anonymous said...

I bet the kids like their art class! Love, Mom