Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Boy-friendly" Books

Maybe you were wondering what I meant in my Adaptation post when I mentioned my fourteen-year-old son not being thrilled to read books with girls on the covers. Here's an example of four of the Sonlight 100 titles that he's not thrilled about reading.

Do any of these look like they'd scream READ ME to a teen boy?

I actually skipped 3 of these books already, and I just may require him to read Christy.

To be fair to Sonlight 100, there are plenty of "boy-friendly" books in the reading list: My Side of the Mountain, The Red Badge of Courage, Amos Fortune, Maniac Magee, The Call of the Wild, The Cross and the Switchblade, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. That's just a sampling of titles.

No shortage of good literature choices, that's certain. Plenty to choose from, even if I decide to skip a few. And my daughters will certainly enjoy these four books even if my sons don't find them intriguing.


MICHELE said...

I have the movie, "Christy." You're welcome to borrow it. LMK.


~Byn There said...

Does David read titles off the Sonlight list as well? Do you allow any comics? I tell you Calvin and Hobbes is a great vocabulary booster! (smile, wink, nudge)

Fox thought it odd at school that he could only read within the grade limits they told him (6th-12th). He reads everything never really thinking about a "level."

Luke said...

It is so important to have books that appeal to each gender. I'm glad you've found enough titles in Sonlight's Core 100 to satisfy your needs. I think there are enough titles in most of the Sonlight's Cores that will appeal to both boys and girls. However, for Core 5, Sonlight offers both a boy and a girl version of the Core.

As a boy, I know I would much rather read a "boy" book [smile].