Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eggs in Motion (Apologia Physical Science)

Eggs, cardboard, 2 stacks of books, and a video camera were David's supplies on Monday as he did one of his first physics of motion experiments from his Apologia Physical Science textbook. He's working his way through the book independently for the most part, although I of course check his questions and tests. I also like to watch his experiments and this one promised to be quite cool.

He prepared the area and then set up the video camera on the tripod and proceeded to shoot eight short videos of his egg rolling. I've posted one here for you. (It's short!)

We didn't waste the eggs. lol


Sadie said...


Scrambled eggs anyone?

Anonymous said...

"They" do the rolling-egg thing at the Children's Museum to illustrate why it's good to use seat belts. Way to go, David! Love, Mom