Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Query Update

Queried 3 agents last week and 6 agents today - all by email. Most just request a query letter (SHORT synopsis - like back of book jacket, info about length, genre, etc), but a few ask for some pages from the manuscript.

I’ve identified agents to query using two different websites - querytracker.com and agentquery.com. An author can search the site by genre or other criteria to choose which agents she’d like to query.

Already have 2 rejections. Go me! Heh.

Actually I’d rather have the rejection than just send the query off into the blankness of cyberspace with nary a response. So, thanks to the agents who are quick with the responses.

(For those who are new readers, I've written two novels - one is edited and being marketed to literary agents, the other is going to be edited beginning TOMORROW! I'm excited, since I haven't looked at it since November 30th, when NaNoWriMo ended.)


chrisd said...

What are your novels about?


MICHELE said...

Complimenting your good attitude and praying as well.

Holly said...

Wow that's exciting, I hope to hear that you recieve a YES soon!