Friday, December 18, 2009

What Does a Ten-Year-Old Boy Pack.??

What does a ten-year-old pack to spend the night at his cousin's house?

Let's see, shall we?

A Transformer
A toy train
A notebook
A belt, neatly rolled
1 pair dirty underpants
1 pair clean underpants
1 wadded-up dirty sweatshirt
1 wadded-up dirty t-shirt
1 wadded-up pair of twice-worn PJ pants
1 pair neatly rolled socks

I think that's it. I was speechless. And then I was NOT speechless.

"I can't find anything clean to pack!"

So, what? You just were going to go with NO CLEAN CLOTHES? And somehow you missed the instructions Thursday night to bring down any laundry you needed me to do???

Needless to say, there is laundry being done now.

And let's not even talk about the toothbrush that apparently has been missing for two days.

Well, OK, let's!

"So, what have you been USING to brush your teeth for the last two days?"

He raises one finger and moves it back and forth in front of his teeth.

Yeah. OK.


Sadie said...


Denise said...

That's funny!!! Tell him clean undies & a toothbrush are a must, the rest is just his mom making a fuss. :) See you tomorrow and Caleb is just geeked about a sleepover.

Anonymous said...

That IS so ten-year-old-boy! Love, Mom

MICHELE said...

Love it!
I can relate!


~Byn There said...

rofl - been there

Luke said...

The finger toothbrush has saved me many a time...

...just sayin'. [smile]