Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas School

For "Christmas School" this year, we are doing hymn study, a Jesse Tree, and Christmas baking. We are also focusing on ways to give gifts to each other without spending money (since we don't have any money).

The hymn-of-the-month is "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and we take turns choosing another Christmas carol to sing together.

Our Advent study this year comes from Teaching Mom. We are doing the daily Bible readings and the Jesse Tree study. Anything else that looks interesting and do-able may make it onto our daily schedule as well.

A Jesse tree is a way to celebrate Advent using ornaments to explore different parts of the heritage of Jesus Christ. This website has a nice explanation. Our Jesse tree ornaments are found HERE. I printed them out and the kids are taking turns coloring them each day. We will be putting them up on a tree just as soon as I can persuade one of the kids to make a tree. lol I like the one pictured here, but I'm sure ours won't look as nice.

Here are some good ideas for making a Jesse tree and doing the devotions. We've used those devotions on occasion.

I found some printable Christmas gift coupons at this site and printed them out for the kids, encouraging them to think of gifts of their time and labor for one another. If those don't fit your needs, try an internet search for "printable Christmas coupons" or something similar.

I've been blogging about the baking we've been doing, so check my other posts for information on that.

We have been continuing with our math, literature, phonics, and science, albeit somewhat half-heartedly. :-)

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