Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our electric pencil sharpener died. I don't even think it was a year old. Anyone have a recommendation for a REALLY good one? A workhorse of a pencil sharpener? We sharpen a LOT of pencils here! lol


Denise said...

Sam ruined our last pencil sharpener (he stuck a crayon in it and broke it off, we could never get that out) so we bought a $20 E-Acto Powerhouse sharpener at Sam's Club and it works GREAT! It really sharpens them to a good point and is very fast. I like the design, too, as it can sit on a shelf and it faces out so you can sharpen the pencils with it even on a high shelf (to keep those pesky toddlers out). Our old one sat upright so it was inconvenient, so maybe I should give Sam a star for wrecking it!

Wee Pip said...

We purchased something along the $15 range at Office Max about 2 years ago, and its still running strong. Of course, there are only 3 people running it all day here. 2 years ago I was using a little travel sharpener for 1 kid in K. Dh didn't understand why we needed to buy an electric. I said, "it will save me sooo much time"...and I was right!