Monday, September 8, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook - September 8

For Today... September 8, 2008

Outside my Window...
the pavement is wet and the sky is overcast. No rain at the moment, but it did rain earlier. Cars are going by because school just let out at the elementary school one block away.

I am thinking... that I am so glad to not have a job! lol (I know that sounds backward!)

From the learning rooms... Edu-track assignment sheets (I've gotten the hang of the program). Some bad attitudes (hopefully nipped in the bud). Spelling survey tests to determine the placement in Spelling Power. Little phonics books for my first grader to read. An organized supplies shelf!

I am thankful for... being able to be home with my kids again

From the kitchen... haystacks (chow mein noodles, butterscotch chips, peanut butter)

I am wearing... yellow t-shirt with flag on it, black exercise pants (but not for exercising - all my jeans were dirty this AM!), white socks, white slip on shoes

I am reading... Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (still!)

I am hoping... that one of my query letters will result in a contract with an agent, and soon!

I am creating... more query letters and working more on that new novel

I am hearing... cars driving by, silverware clinking in the kitchen, people talking upstairs and in the kitchen, light footsteps

Around the house... things are getting organized. Over the past year and a half, while I was working, things got very very disorganized, grungy, and just plain put away wrong! I've been setting things to rights!

One of my favorite things... Diet Coke!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... going out tonight with friends, soccer practices and games, our first homeschool co-op on Friday, lots of writing

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

At one point today I looked around and saw children with books, so I grabbed my camera.

Here's Suzy, reading to herself.

And Emily, reading to herself....

And, yes, that's David hiding behind that (Sonlight) book!

But I noticed JAMES was not around. He was not reading either. This is what I found HIM doing. (The red stuff on his forehead is part of a rub-on tattoo, a present from his brother while he was asleep last night! lol) He was out in the 'barn' with his dad, doing some kind of something with tools. lol

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DebD said...

I take a long time to read books too. I think its because I keep falling asleep as soon as I get started! LOL

loved your pictures, its always nice to see kids reading.