Monday, September 15, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook - September 15

For Today... September 15, 2008

Outside my Window...
damp grass (but at least the standing water has disappeared), a forlorn toy boat forgotten on the lawn (probably by my son and daughter who played joyfully in the standing water yesterday), the trash waiting to be picked up, an overcast sky (thought we were getting SUN today!)

I am thinking... I need to be more consistent in discipline

From the learning rooms... Adding Mystery of History 2 and root word studies to our curriculum this week.

I am thankful for... a husband who knows how to fix things - drain a flooded basement, install a gas stove, fix a nonworking furnace, paint a house, etc....

From the kitchen... leftover homemade bean soup, going to make a spice cake (from a mix) to take to my meeting tonight

I am wearing... jeans, navy blue "Soccer Mom" t-shirt, grey zipper hoodie, white socks, black slippers, hair pulled up untidily in a clip, no makeup yet

I am reading... A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (recommended by my sister Janet), I Saw the Angel in the Marble by Chris and Ellyn Davis (this is a series of essays, so it's easy to pick up and read a bit at a time). I have a book waiting at the library - The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen. I finally finished Mansfield Park! YAY! Also in my Bible reading (The Message), I have just finished Nehemiah - on to Esther tomorrow!

I am hoping... that the disability hearing for my husband goes well tomorrow.

I am creating... a short historical romance novella - hopefully for publication.

I am hearing... Everyone talking, praise music on the CD player, the furnace trying to run, but not accomplishing it. (Thus the handy husband.....)

Around the house... 3 curtains need to be ironed and rehung (still), the kids and Bob are painting the outside of the house, so there are paint scrapings and drips around the outside

One of my favorite things... watching jousting!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Bob's disability hearing, the girls have Keepers at Home, soccer practices and games, the beginning of our Wednesday night church activities, a harvest party at a friend's house, and the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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buff said...

sounds like you got your work cut out for you for the week by the looks of that picture~~makes me smile, i have work like that too that has been put of for a long time. no time to do it in. oh well
my furnace does the same thing!!!!!rattles when the drum turns around or is it a fan i don't know. it rumbles anway.

have a wonderful week......