Monday, September 22, 2008

Simple Woman Daybook - September 22

For Today... September 22, 2008

Outside my Window... the sun slanting onto the dewy grass, some small fallen maple leaves of brown, yellow, and orange, the trash waiting for pickup, a bright red fire hydrant

I am thinking... that it's a difficult balance between being a complainer and allowing people to think everything is just fine.

From the learning rooms... a dissatisfaction with my lesson planning methods (see previous post) and an uncertainty about what to do instead

I am thankful for... my home. So many around the world live with so MUCH less than we do, even though we don't have much by American standards.

From the kitchen... toffee bark made from saltine crackers. Orange juice. Thinking about making homemade candy corn today for a learning project.

I am wearing... jeans, yellow t-shirt, grey zipper hoodie with sleeves rolled up, black socks, black fleece-lined slippers. My hair is combed and that's all you can say for it. No makeup.

I am reading... a romance novel. I have set aside for the time being: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (recommended by my sister Janet), I Saw the Angel in the Marble by Chris and Ellyn Davis (this is a series of essays, so it's easy to pick up and read a bit at a time). Also in my Bible reading (The Message), I am reading Job.

I am hoping... to finish my historical romance short story and edit it this week. Also hoping that my husband will make a lot of progress on painting the house this week, taking advantage of the forecast of 5 sunny days in the 70's.

I am creating... a new system for clothing in this house.

I am hearing... Over and Over Again by Tree63 (Pandora radio). As I typed this, the song changed to When All is Said and Done by Tommy Walker. Just before I click 'Publish Post', it is playing Holy is the Lord by Chris Tomlin. Everyone sing.... Holy is the Lord God Almighty, The earth is filled with His glory..... It's rising up all around, it's the anthem of the Lord's renown.

Around the house... 3 curtains need to be ironed and rehung (still), the kids and Bob are painting the outside of the house, so there are paint scrapings and drips around the outside (yep, just the same as last week!), PLUS the back room is in disarray as we rearrange by bringing 2 dressers into that room and try to figure out where everything will go and what we can get rid of

One of my favorite things... listening to my children play nicely. It doesn't last long, usually, though.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Soccer practices and games, Financial Peace University, Pioneer Club, Co-op on Friday, Book Club (for ME) on Saturday night, and my BIRTHDAY

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
My son went onstage during one of the Renaissance Festival shows.


Wendy said...

I loved your Daybook! Isn't Pandora just wonderful? I have a "Chris Tomlin" station and I love to have it going throughout the day, especially while I'm in the kitchen cooking.

Denise said...

I wish there was a good home chore organizer/planner software, too... there probably is! That would be helpful to me...